Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Energetics of 08'

I hope this blog has been helpful to those of you who have taken the time to read it.

I've been inspired by all of you who have emailed me this year.

I had many thoughts on Change, as did the whole country.

When I look back over my 08’ I realize the catalyst for breaking open change in me was
the Matrix Energetics training.

I did it in February and by the end of November, I had a new direction, better health, deeper understanding and pure appreciation. I asked for this, but, I never thought two words I barely ever used (quantum and physics) could be so transformational.

The essence of the year became a prisim of love and light.
Color has a vibration that is completely enticing.
Love is a frequency that is fulfilling.
May you have the most colorful, fulfilling and exciting new year.
Thank you,
ps....I have to acknowledge Max too, my organic computer!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

In Truth We Stand, in Lies We Fall

The frailty of our economy, those in charge of our money, the ones we have relied on, who said they would help others, the biggest financial institutions; a house of cards.
Where did they get the idea that this was OK?

I have determined from the template of my own family that this is where it all starts.
If we look at the compromise in this house of cards, it starts in the fundamental structure of the family.
The first basic human need is security or safety. Trauma and victimization undermines that basic need. A traumatic experience, emotional and or physical, frustrates the needs for security and lead people to feel the world is dangerous. I'll get you before you get me.
Our inner cities cry with the blood shed of fatherless males trying to survive. The inability of people to resolve emotional conflict within the home is the result of more than half of homicides. There is the other part of unhealed trauma, the need to escape through drugs or alcohol.

Heads of corporations, heads of state, governors, senators, presidents, all acting out their childhood wounding. Are they better than the drug dealer whose marketing skills are not as honed? Has capitalism created a world of spoiled narcissists, or are the wars, low self esteem and lack of emotional security to blame? ....probably all.

Trauma of the emotional and physical nature upsets positive identity. People feel diminished worthless, otherwise why would such terrible things have happened to them?
Trauma undermines feeling connected to people and it skews a person’s reality. Look at any fundamentalist leaders. They create their own reality, a house of cards so to speak.

A narcissist has to make their world a certain way and if that world is threatened then those who challenge the narcissist risk annihilation.

How hard one fights to erase or color the truth will only perpetuate the inevitable, and haven’t we seen that up close in our own lives, not to mention with how things are crumbling around us?

Like scavengers trying to salvage something valuable from a wreck? Ill get mine before the house tumbles.

The truth is, the house already fell a long time ago. That is where we have to start ... looking at the truth. The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.

In truth we stand, in lies we fall.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Zen Intent

Zen in the Art of Archery is thus infused with comments about aspiring not to hit the target, but rather struggling to attain an egoless state in accordance with the "Great Doctrine" (Herrigel 1985: 78-79).

The idea of taking action by picking up a bow and arrow, focusing on a target and with intent shooting the arrow, could be applied to all of the actions we take.
What moved you, and propelled you to take certain actions?
Seeing it from a Zen perspective is interesting.

Were we forced by outside circumstances to yield, or pushed by some internal fear? Mongol forces of life set to destroy us?
What ever the motivation, we all took actions. It might be interesting to see how we accomplished things.

I have found that we move mountains when we actually share with others what we intend to do. Perhaps it is the invisible support of the universe, or the human fear of shameful repercussions we might need on some level to be held accountable. It is compelling to think of freeing the action and trusting it to be. I guess that is what I do all the time as a psychic medium. I have to trust and freely allow to show up what will.

Many of us set out with great intention and did not have the resolution we "wanted", but there might be merit to things not working out the way we want. Our efforts may be more than just something personal, perhaps the trajectory of what we intend has a greater purpose.
The idea that the arrow is not intentionally "let go" by an archer, but rather naturally "gets free" reflects an understanding that the aim is to reach a level where it is not "I" that shoots, but simply ‘"It" shoots’.

What will get set free this next year?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday Voyeurism

The recent cold snap in Los Angeles has uncovered a few bundled Christmas memories; easily forgotten with many years of 70 degree weather.

Stuffed into a Sears and Roebuck snow suit, I gaily climbed in for our nighttime Christmas lights car ride. First through town, with wreaths strung high, steeples aglow and Jesus framed in neon, then past the truck stop where scattered farm houses covered in blue snow beckoned me with glowing amber living rooms and the quick smear of colored lights on a Christmas tree.

Families settled in, stringing popcorn, paying bills, watching wheel of fortune.

I carried my seasonal voyeurism to Milwaukee, where wool and fur muffled carols and bitter wind denied normal sight. I braved walking home in old seal skin coats I sewed up with dental floss, air tight, and just like new. Bus rides noisy and too bright to enjoy looking into the lives of others.

Chicago where I huddled against the brittle plastic window of an L Train wondering what was being cooked in the much to close to the train track kitchen of a three story walk up. Who was home for dinner; were they happy and did they speak of love as they cleared the table?

Cleveland covered with treacherous pot holes and broken streets under deceptive blankets of snow. No time to look into anyone’s windows as I steered to defend my life, my first car, on guard until I was in the safety of the rotunda where I worked.

New York at Christmas was a maize of steps, dragging body and bags up and down to trains with no views, until I could rest on the slushy streets of Brooklyn Heights. A coat on sale at Macy's rivaled my old seal skins; my defiance of winter.
The brownstones bore no spirit, so I chose the bustle and the smiles of the Garden of Eden grocery store to soften my face and commune.
The blue snow of the farmland memories still touch my soul, but I am in my home now and I have found other ways to keep warm on the longest night the year. I still drive to see the lights, but I need not look into the lives of others, unless I am invited.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

In the World of Karma

He pleaded his case- the wedding ring of his murdered wife he wished had gone to his daughter, snapshots of what gave his life meaning to his son. These things that were HIS. “My things, I had every right to take back," he said.

He didn’t mean to hurt anyone, he was sorry.

In the desert town of “ya win some ya lose some,” his number was finally up. His gun tootin, unmasked posse just trying to retrieve his belongings, heard their sentence.

Had the judge allowed him more air time, we might have heard more about his sorrow. What he was really sorry about we didn’t hear.

This icon of self-aggrandizement, a world unto his own he made, ruled, and when questioned, could not bear the loss of his identity, so he cut them down in the walkway of a condo.
I thought I might feel jubilant, having worked on the case 13 years ago. My target, the killer of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson. My subconscious led me to pinpoint on a map Rockingham. I was simply saddened by all the loss; no luster in prosecuting the perpetrator.
What could be the lesson in this loss?

I believe Nicole and Ron were sacrificial lambs to raise the consciousness about domestic violence. The disaster of his first trial cast light on every crime lab in collecting and preserving evidence. Mistakes of that public magnitude would never again be tolerated and the illusion that Orenthal James Simpson might come by for dinner, disappeared in the female African-American community.

Had the chickens come home to roost in Vegas or was this the projected path of a narcissist?
The day he was sentenced, I was tormented about another case I was working on, when a book high on my shelf fell and snapped me out of my thoughts. A Course in Miracles opened to lesson 46 : God is the Love in which I Forgive.

It was the clap of a book to the floor that reminded me, only God knows the statue of limitations in the world of Karma.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

All the World's a Stage

Alas poor Yorick , I knew him”….William Shakespeare

Hamlet said, gazing into the skull of his dead friend, so depressed from all his loss and troubles. If someone had told Hamlet, forgive, move on, be creative with your loss, and go talk to a medium to clean up your dead relatives issue, there might not be a play.

There are some things we must put to rest. Things become tired, worn out, the tenure is up, the expiration date is over,it's time to retire, and close the play.
What makes it so hard to give things up?

I recently had a client, whose father left after he was born and whose mother never gave him enough; emotionally or figuratively. At 50, he has a job he was successful in, but no longer is happy with, belongings he has no need for, ways of being in the world that no longer work for him, eating habits that are compromising his life, and when I asked him why he still hangs on, he said, “they are my security blanket, they are things that make me feel safe or remind me of my illustrious past”. The stage set for another act.
If we want to grow, move ahead, and be more of who were are called to be, we need to let the blanket go.

So I must walk my talk.

For me, acting, was a creative way to survive my young adult hood, exciting, fun, difficult, and permission to be someone other than me. Now like a worn out blanket it no longer serves me. If your heart is not there, neither will your spirit be. Strange, to have kept holding a space for something to come, when in fact, that space kept me from embracing the things that were right in front of me. The 30 year run of my professional acting life has closed.

Now, if I am on stage, it will be helping Hamlet, Harold or Hanna talk to the ghosts of their relatives, clearing up those difficult familial issues. And if I hold in my hand or talk to a skull, it will be in the field of homicide assisting detectives in their investigations, or with Max my crystal friend.

Here choose I. Joy be the consequence….William Shakespeare

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Taking Flight

What are the natural instincts that tell a bird it is ready to fly?

Do they fear their debut?

What kind of birds are we, awkward, tentative, or embolden as we drop right out of our nest?
Do we fly because we must?
We all have opportunities for firsts, but we like our nests.
The place we are familiar and settled.
Who knew you could talk to the dead, produce a TV show, write a book,
and break oak boards with the soles of your feet.

You didn’t, until you left the place you knew.

There is plenty of wind out there, waiting for us to take flight.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Heart of America is Purple

YES the heart of America has spoken, and it is purple; it is an exciting time in America. The color Purple is now what we see, no more Red or Blue states. This is the time of change.

Barack’s journey was certainly supported by numerous people, but it was Barack who had to step into this and make it happen. If Barack who was fatherless, raised by white grandparents can take his life and move it to an astonishing victory, then what does it tell us about what is possible?

What does this victory really mean? He is a representation of what can happen when people choose change. It didn't take much for people to walk to the voting booths and identify who they wanted to win. However it does take commitment, effort, and hard work to changing anything.
What happens now that is most important.

Are we willing to put into practice what we preach? Can we personally implement Change?

We can’t expect our leaders to make big differences for us. That could be a dangerous concession. Barack is an example; if he is a man of his word then he will stand by that and is time for us to do the same thing.

The Purple Heart symbolizes the deep struggle and wounding that one has suffered in battle.
America has chosen a symbol in Barack to remind us that there is life, and a powerful one, after such hardship.
No more excuses, no more oppression, no more fear, of what is not possible.
This is a call to change in the depths of our souls.
What are "we"....yes, you and me going to change?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Beware of Poppies

The gleeful chorus of the Emerald city dwellers....

As Dorthy and her team were on their way to see the wizard and were within reach of their quest.... they ran into a field of poppies.

A lovely distraction, a beautiful serene burst of nature. They were lulled into a deep sleep..and out of the ether's came a snow shower to wake them up. A dusting of ice to calm the affects of the hypnotic poppy.

They were willing to fight the good fight, face their fears and the danger, no matter the out come they took a journey. Their psychic spirit called upon the good witch to help them . They got up, dusted themselves off, made it to Oz, and fought to be seen.
Dorthy and her pals never felt they had what they needed when they met the little man behind the curtain. However, they found they already had inside of themselves, what they needed.
They had to look within, take personal responsibility and then and only then could they go home.
The tall poppy syndrome is when a poppy gets taller than the others , it is cut down to be uniform to the others. Dorthy stood tall and she found her way home.
Are we moving out of the dark into the light, or are we being lulled into the hypnotic mass of the poppies ?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


.... the state or position of being accountable to somebody or for something, the blame for something that has happened, authority to act to make decisions independently …..a duty.

I woke with a dream after the first debates. I was struck with the word “responsibility”.

This word inside my head played itself out in various scenarios. Starting first with the obvious , others not taking responsibility. There is so much frustration and the anger all over the world. Now it is in our back yard in a way we can't ignore. So how do we change all of this?

I watched a scene from the TV show Mad Men and was mesmerized with the immense selfishness and entitlement we all possess. Don takes his family to a park for a picnic just after he has bought the new car. He’s concerned about his car getting dirty on the inside from his kids. In preparation to leave the park, the camera man pulls back to a wide shot of the family picking up the blankets and shaking them out. They conveniently leave behind all the trash. Chinett napkins and Dixi cups scatter in the wind. That action and the obliviousness of the whole family to not seeing their mess and taking responsibility to pick it up, spoke volumes to the emotional life of not just the family but the era. The unconscious mental murmur of somebody else will clean up my mess.

It’s like the image I have stuck in my head of GW Bush on Letterman during his first run for the Presidency. The show was going to commercial and instead of moving right way, the camera lingered on Bush. A page, sent to reset Dave’s desk passes in front of Bush. GW Bush unabashedly reached up, grabbed the edge of her sweater and cleaned his glasses with it.

We are going to see things in the next few months that no one will have predicted , not even a good psychic, but we can feel them already.

Unless I take full responsibility for me and what I do, then I can’t change anything. Clearly we see this with our elected officials and the news media but why not start at home. A personal act of responsibility would be to deal with your own garbage, clean up your own mess, and stop blaming others.

So I guess we do have the whole world in our hands.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Before you read this, know that I detest charlatans trolling for business and abhor the intrusive attempt to foster fear in people.

This story was just emailed to me:

"I was in Target today and this woman, Angelina, came up to me and said that she's a psychic and that she got a strong feeling that there were things she had to share with me, messages about my luck and other things (can't remember now exactly what they were) and she wouldn't have been able to sleep if she didn't tell me this. She gave me her card and invited me to contact her."

....These people are looking for your business, period.
....They use fear “knowing” things about you and pray on that fear to get you to call them.
....They, typically, will tell you that you have a curse on you.

.... and IF you do call, they will tell you that for just a few hundred dollars they can remove that curse, and restore your good karma.

Bull shit.

It is my experience, these fraudulent women who prey on unsuspecting shoppers in the aisles of malls and supermarkets are cons.
They rely on your fear to “lure” you into making an appointment to see them for a bogus reading.
IF, and I mean IF, a legitimate psychic gets a hit on you and feels that they HAVE to tell you something, the appropriate thing for them to do is ask you if you are at all interested in what they have to say. If they have an urgent message for you then they should offer the message for FREE.
Real psychics who have your best interest at heart and are in true service with their gift, would NEVER intrude with ominous premonitions.
If you are ever confronted in a shopping center by someone claiming to have psychic information for you, tell them, “Yes, I am psychic too, and I “see” you being arrested for harassment.”

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

" Real " Change

I have finally found a book that addresses the conversation of consciousness better than any I have ever read.
Yes, it became popular because of Oprah, and in this case I say ” thank God for Oprah”.

She has used her celebrity to address many of the topics that she is curious and passionate about, especially her profound endorsement of Obama.
There is much talk about “change” but before any of us can truly implement this new form of awareness in our nation, we must do it within ourselves. Otherwise we are just followers of a “nice idea”, and perhaps witnesses’ to a hollow victory, if we as Americans do not take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions.

This book is for anyone who is curious about transformation, personal awareness and consciousness. It has a resonance that will alter how you think about your pain, your fears and how you keep it all in place with your ego.
Let us find the courage to stand behind real "change "within ourselves first.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Our bodies create barriers to invaders; sounds, food, pathogens, allergens.

How do we keep ourselves safe in life’s Petri dish?

What are these strong reactions in our bodies to the energy of a room, a person, an object, historical events, even places?

I think it is perfect to look at the things that our in our lives that we are “allergic” to.
Things that create upset in our systems that need to be identified and addressed.

Doctors can measure the amount of energy that a certain part of the body is resonating with; it can be read, and tracked, by medical equipment. They can prove that “our thoughts” have consequences in the body.

I have seen facilitators talk to a patients about their emotional problems. Just the mention of a patient’s current problem in a relationship can change levels of energy running though the body. The “chi” ( energy) will dramatically drop, plummet, disappear….and the “charge “ of energy in the body, will be drastically altered, just by the mention of a troubling situation.

Can it be that we are allergic to our thoughts?
Why this is not the first part of wellness to learn what upsets our body, find the true source of the irritation, and learn to eliminate it.

Sometimes we have to get really sick in order to see what makes us so ill, and many times we continue to be irritated, allergic, and suffer until we identify what is really the culprit.

Do you love yourself enough to figure this out?

Friday, June 13, 2008


Hearing information from Spirit is why I do what I do.

It is "intuition perfection", to be given love from the deceased, or benevolent and important information from the universe.

It is the nature of my work that people want to talk to specific deceased people, to have particular questions answered. They want to “know” things but they also sense that they will be surprised.

My work has not been dissected to meet all scientific requirements to satisfy skeptics. It does not come with a manual, a road map. It is not like a recipe for a cake. I wish it was that simple.

I do try my best to prepare people. I explain how I work, what usually happens, and what TO EXPECT…none the less there are surprises. Imagine a loved one who passed , a fundamentalist, who belonged to a specific organized Christian sect, communicating with their living family members saying….

“ Hey EVERYONE is here, even the Catholics and Jews!” What a surprise!

It is a grab bag, filled with surprise.

You might not get exactly what you wanted, but, what's perfect is …what you get.. is exactly what you needed.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Teachers come into our lives when we the students are ready, ...or not.

I was born to a family of teachers who didn’t like their roles, who were not ready for me. Who ever sent me through to them, must have thought I was ready…or not.
Teachers come in all forms; there is nothing more educational than a good set of germs or an injury to our body to teach us the merit of our health.
Teachers come because we need them.
The best teachers are the ones who mirror to us our greatest qualities, those who can see us, and take a “stand” for who we are, even when we don’t know who we are. Those teachers who can see our essence can change our lives forever.
I recently had the great pleasure to interview for the radio web cast show “Dreamland” one of my finest teachers.
Twenty-five years ago, when I was twenty five, I went to see my first psychic, Sonia Choquette. It was a turning point in my life to meet the mind and soul of the woman who put me on my path of intuition.
We were both so young, yet she was ancient in her wisdom and knowledge. Her abilities of psychic information were stunning, but it was how she mirrored the truth that was right under the surface of my skin, the true spirit within that was life altering.

After years of having my own gifts thwarted, denied and discouraged I was finally seen, set free, validated and empowered in who I was supposed be whether I was ready… or not.

It is perfect intuition to come full circle and acknowledge a teacher.

Friday, May 23, 2008

A Series on the Perfection of Intuition.....Nature

Spirit has a way of making things happen that are simply perfect.

Not perfect to us when we are traversing the messiness of a situation or its feelings, but perfect that when we have a chance to look and “see” we find out that it was all perfect.

Recently my 10 year old cat, who fancies himself a Dandy, got into a bit of a scrap. This Dandy’s days are diminishing as his wound was on his hind flank so you know he was running away. The flank swelled with infection, and like a good mommy I took him to the hospital.

Meanwhile I am hunting for the perpetrator in the neighborhood who lashed out at my kid, the vagrant who bullied my tabby into a scrap. Get your kid vaccinated!...would be my rant, when I met up with them, but I had a tight schedule and doing meds and taking care of my kid, kept me just on a low simmer, never found the perps parents.

He came home with a soft collar like a little musketeer his saber lost in battle but happy oh so happy to be home.

The vet who did a lovely job of cutting along that Neapolitan color line of his skin, said, “Well, glad you got him in here,... when we went into clean out the the abscess there was a fatty deposit underneath , encapsulated from another injury and it was turning necrotic, you might not have recognized it until he was very sick”

What a strange blessing. In nature we wonder why a mother would kill a pup who was the runt, or stallion stomp out his sire. We are grateful for the bully who sent our boy to the hospital, he of course knew more than we.

The intuition to know when something is not right and make it known, even in nature, is perfection.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Truth and Consequences

People often ask me, “Can you do this work for yourself, can you be psychic for YOU”

That is one of the most upsetting things about this work. I get discombobulated, and sometimes even mad that I was right about situations that come into my personal world. It’s so contrary to the typical confirmation that is revealed for others, specifics that make me good at what I do. I am still working on being gracious about the information given to ME.

My partner says to me all the time,"but you knew this was going to happen, why are you so upset?” These are my screaming moments when I am less than gracious about “knowing”. It is the child still in me who had to intuit things in my home that were not so pleasant, wishing things were better. As an adult I must grow up and face the clairvoyance of my own situations, and accept the gift, even if it is not what I want to hear.

Spirit in its infinite wisdom is very kind. “They” give me fair warnings, and then push me as a reminder, if I have not heeded the warnings, I will get hit upside the head, with the truth.
In the nature of my business it is not uncommon for associates to want to “test” my skills and psychic prowess; a not so unconscious competitiveness. But I was not raised a serious athlete I was a baton twirler. My competitive skills limited to marching and tossing. I was always the kid who handed over the ball, and said “you win”.

You want to be smarter, you want to think you know more, ok fine, you win, now can we get back to taking care of business?

I continue to think and believe that people will admit their fears and insecurities. But really, how many people want to do that?

Friends have gotten into some pretty tricky business dilemmas, now did I “see” that there might be a problem, YES , but, each of us have their own journey, and we all have things to learn. I have been blinded to crucial pieces of information until Spirit is ready to reveal.

I have to think it is for the “greater good” But it is quite the day in my house when I am finally “given the information” that could have saved us years of time and energy.

Me running around the house yelling “oh my God finally the smoking gun, why now, why not two years ago!!???” It is a brilliant moment.

Who am I to question Spirit, yet I do all the time. The truth shall set you free, but first it will piss you off.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Great and Full

Oh my God to be grateful. There are so many who have altered my course, enriched my soul, visited me in realms that illuminated investigation way beyond my comprehension. Souls whose journeys intertwine, slip in for a brief visit, or haunt me with memories to fill a day of rain.

It is an amazing journey to be what I think is a Spirit in a physical form. Being human is hard. The difficulties of human emotion is what makes humans so extraordinary and yet so vulnerable. How defensive one has to be to survive the roads, office, home and space of others, let alone our minds.
We are coddled here in America with the remote control to other lands. We do not have to slay the moose to eat. We are not forced to pray that our café will not be bombed, at least not yet.

I love the freedom of knowing that there is always more. I am so grateful that my blinders only come in hormonal fluctuations. That a mood can be altered by the brief laughter of a stranger, and that what I have learned is only the shimmering tip of an iceberg.

I love the trains in NYC that are a haven of humanity. Yesterday I sat with Yankee fans caught up in the emotion of winning. Those anonymous enthusiastic lives briefly shared, are welcomed, energy so infectious and invigorating; I ran home to do my laundry.
I have met those whose life is fleeting, and they hunger to stay, others who don’t like who they are and want to leave, some who know they will die in months and are resigned to moving on.
Any of you who come to my world and visit have left an impression. Oh my God I am so grateful.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Resonance of Knowing

When you meet me, you might wonder if you will be found out. Well yes,..... if I choose to look.

I don’t waste my time going where I am not invited. I try to have a life with out you in it, so let’s keep this about the work.
You have been to someone like me, or you would not be reading this. You think of me when a problem arises that burns with time and uncertainly that makes you want to hear truth, or help which is it for you? To me it is the same.

So you seek me out. I am not for first timers, I work best with smart, gifted people who are never afraid when they are with me, only what others might think later.

Perhaps in the morphic field of knowing is where I picked up these abilities. For certain I had to intuit what the next assault would be by hand or mouth; that day in day out lesson of protecting myself with “the knowing.”

You are anxious that someone at work will know you have seen me, and you a lawyer, a bureaucrat, a politician, studio head, doctor, therapist, behavioral scientist, law enforcement officer, Yale graduate, scholar , soccer mom, you want to know, but wont admit you have called me. You will talk about me to the closest of friends, slip them my card, or call me something that fits your story.

I can remember your dead relatives, not because I knew them in life, but because when you came to see me ten years ago, they showed themselves to me, their longings, sadness, their joy for getting the opportunity to talk again to you. They are my friends, and I remember them when you walk in a room.

Together we have a resonance of knowing.

At parties you smile when you see me, but you can’t stay to talk, you leave when someone inquires what I do. I can feel you in my radar, I welcome you. I will think of you , and you will call.. never really apart, together forever in the resonance of knowing.

It is lonely doing what I do. Those who need me, want me, and those who do not want to know, stay far away.

Friday, March 28, 2008

YOU be the Change

I am making a promise to myself in going back into the “conversation”. The work I did with my life coaching mentor. If you hang with a group of people who think certain things, who “say” certain things, you become that conversation. I want to be around the people who want the conversation of transformation and growth but,…. for real. These are people who want to take responsibility for what they do and say in their lives.

The thing that concerns me about our national interest in change, is the fact that getting behind one candidate is not really about transformation, it's about getting behind someone. Now if you are committed to change then you don’t need a person to do that for you, you can do it, in spite of any person in the public doing it for you.

Once again it is the beliefs that we adhere to that create our lives. If you believe you need a redeemer, you will find one. What if you believed that you are a redeemer?
I don’t care if you are a democrat, white, back, female or a war vet. It is the personal responsibility to as Gandhi said " be the change you want to see in the world."It concerns me that people don’t think that they can do it themselves, they want someone to lead them.

In my opinion, the trouble in electing our last president was that we as a young nation still needed a “father” figure. Someone who would get in there and kick the sh** out of anyone who was hurting us. A veiled confident voice to tell us things that would make us feel better, as a father would speak to his children when they were too young to handle the truth. We still don’t really know the reason for all the Bush years, but as my Spiritual Cosmic Congress has told me,….electing GWB was about getting the opportunity to “see” things; the puppetry of the government. To have shadow exposed. A father playing cowboy, with real bullets. Are we really interested in the truth now?

Now, we have become a nation of exposure, the expose' of everyone. TV has become a tabloid contest in promoting narcissism. The news spins, twists and contorts information. The news papers that we believed were sound investigative places for truth , have turned Brittney Spears, a deeply wounded fading pop icon, into a headline. Why?

People are in pain and looking for anything that will distract themselves from their lives. People want change in their lives but from an outside source. They want drama to make them think and feel different about themselves. To watch someone rise to the top and fall is the pathetic entertainment of our culture. It takes courage to change these cutural illnesses, but it must start from within.

If you want change, start with what you cannot seem to be with.

Bigotry? Become tolerant and teach what you learn. Violence? Work with organizations to support your communities to keep you and your family safe.
Hate? Coming to grips with your own feelings about things is the first step, understanding that there is a history to those feelings , and working through them is crucial, to find compassion for yourself and others.

If you want to change things, you cannot continue to be around other people who do not speak the way you want to. Fraternization, is an incestuous way of becoming permeated with others thoughts . Surround yourself with people who are really interested in transformation. First with themselves, before they can make a difference in the world.

Who ever inspires you will tell you that YOU can do what they have done, perhaps not in the same way, but your own special unique way that colors the world.

Before you sign up for change BE that change you want to see in the world.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Psychic, Whats in a Word?

This word leaves some people cold. What images get conjured up in people minds? Some strange short woman with an accent you can’t identify, bangled ears, head wrapped in a turban, beckoning you from a dimly lit door way? A con artist store front where you are told you have been cursed by a witch and you have to pay $5000 to get rid of it?
Before you shell out a dirty 20, check references.

There are crooks in every business one must be careful not to let your need for help drive you into a place of desperation.

Terrifying…I guess that is why some of us call ourselves clairvoyant. Now that sounds special, sounds smarter, sounds less cheap, sounds a bit stuffy to me. Intuitive? Ok…let’s call a spade a spade.

Look we are psychics, the North American Encarta dictionary says “a person able to perceive that which is beyond the range of human senses, relating to the human mind, outside the sphere of scientific knowledge extraordinary sensitivity to non physical or supernatural forces”

I will tell you how the psychic part works for me.
If I sit with you and you tell me you are having a house problem. I will allow myself to see in my mind your house. Sometimes it is the exact color, and I allow the vision to unfold…I can see the house then I might see the drive way, and it seems to be sinking in, cracking, and now I know why you are having problems,…I can “see” that the structure is compromised and then I might hear “ you can fix it, and you must go the route of the law…there is something wrong with the agreement between the seller of the house or the contractor , and they both may be liable"

I have provided the information that on some level you needed …and we move on…working “outside the scientific knowledge, with extraordinary sensitivities”.
In a week or two, or sometimes even a year, you might tell me it was true.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Poop Free Zone

There is no stink like the fresh steaming dump from a dog.

That contradiction of love and devotion from mans best friend, reminds us that not everything or everyone is perfect.
Dogs don’t pick up their poo, they don’t even have the decorum to bury it like their feline adversaries, I don't think they care, but we still love them.
This is a metaphor of what can happen when someone you are in a relationship with, won’t clean up their shit, instead they dump it on you.
If someone dumps on you what do you do? Explain it? Excuse it? Justify the dump?
pretend it just didn't happen?

You cant ignore it, the smell will remind you it is there. If you stick your finger in it, then you smell like poo too. If you stir it, well… you know. It is important we learn to say "no pooping here", an emotional zone of protection. Training others to curb their upsets. What happens when one has an "accident"?
There is something constructive we can do with poo. I suggest that we transform into into something we can use, but not sling.
Scoop it up, and take it to your garden. Let it transform to help something else grow.
 A friend once said “ a flower has to push through a lot of shit before it can reach the sun”, so do we.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Are You Rooted in Pain ?

Are the roots of your family tree a source of nourishment, or a tangled web of emotional pain?
" Just get me out of this pain,” is what I always hear.

Pain exists to tell you that there is something wrong.

If you have not looked at what causes the pain, you will never have the opportunity to heal it.
Only with awareness come change.
Perhaps you have come to a place in your life where your life is no longer working because of this pain. You create loss in every area, marriage, jobs, health, family, siblings, friends and joy. Anyone who comes in contact with you, will be subject to your pain if you have not addressed it .

Have you imprisoned yourself, cutting out of your life those who challenge you? This myriad of self protection created an inauthentic self, to protect you from deep emotional pain.

This breakdown” was created by your soul and spirit, to give you an opportunity to change. You have to take responsibility and shed light on what pain really is in your life in order to change it.

The introspection of this is crucial or you will go to your grave bitter, unhappy, filled with betrayal, regret and longing. Part of that energetic legacy will be passed on to family or friends when you die.
How did this happen?
You were wounded by an event, a series of events where someone removed love.
In order to protect yourself, you have produced a false sense of self.
You became afraid or upset, not having the appropriate tools to help you at a young age, so you developed a damaging way to protect yourself.
Do you spend your life overcompensating for these wounds by distracting yourself out of your predicament? Crafting businesses too big to be challenged, empires of mental strength to support your image.

Do you put yourself on stage in a desperate attempt to process your pain, you become other people" The “characters you play” give the permission you need to “act out” the deep emotion you could never express as a child. Finding “who you really are” takes dedication.The investment in transformation far outweighs the price of a Harvard acting degree.
Do you turn to drugs or alcohol because you cannot stand the “frequency” that this harsh emotional upset and wounding has created in your body; emotion so disturbing that your body cannot process it so you think you must be medicated? Or you blame others in silent contracts, because you think it gives you power?
The point is, if you are in great pain you must take responsibility for knowing that something is not working. What do you do? Nothing can be changed unless you have awareness.
If you are conscious you can see what caused your wounds. If you are angry and feeling like a victim of your childhood, you must find a way to process this. It takes work, compassion, patience and love.

Your cognitive dissonance will keep you resisting new information that you don't want to think about. You could stay in denial , however if you don’t seek the help, you will continue to project and inflict your wounded self image onto those who you claim to love or those who you have conveniently and perhaps silently blamed for your life. The secrets you keep are insidious poison and only truth shall set you free.
Counselors , therapists, coaches, friends, and relatives who have gone through transformational work can assist you . The act of seeking help produces helpers.

You may seem successful with money, but to what end? What good is money when you are bankrupt emotionally? You can accept awards, be lauded for your work, but you go home disappointed. This cannot really be tolerated by your Soul and Spirit, so it lashes out, regurgitates the pain . You will see in the eyes of others how damaging your pain is.
If you do not deal with these issues, you will continue to pull people and situations to you that mirror your pain.
It is only through the courageous process of loving yourself enough to get help, then drawing to you people who resonate healing and love, for you to be able to transform your affliction. I call this in our TV culture life, “an intervention of the soul”.
You must untangle what has rooted you in pain before you can ever move beyond the pain of the past.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Meaning of Stuff

As the umpire says “ it ain’t a ball until I call it a ball”. You do that with everything in your life…you create the meaning.

You've put meaning on everything around you. You've developed a life filled with “stuff” that you have attached meaning to. That stuff only enforces the “meaning “you have attached to it.

Have you ever watched a hoarder? Someone who can not give up the obsessive compulsive need to keep things that the hoarder “thinks” has significant meaning.

You, always choose the meaning.

A beat up box with tinker toys that were your dead brothers, a school jacket reminiscent of your football glory days, your fathers pipe, your grandmother’s favorite broach coveted by all your family.

Without the “meaning’ you attach, they're just things.

Is your life filled with extraneous stuff to pull your attention to old memories because you don’t like the memories you now create?

Does "stuff" represent power or love?

When you look at that old silver candlestick are you reminded of the love that your mother gave or didn't give you?

There is the “Antiques Road Show” that will give more meaning to your stuff, and EBay to make sure you get more stuff.

The meaning you give to everything in your life has created the life you live.

My motto when helping to clear out peoples lives is when in doubt throw out” if you have doubt as to why you need something, then you don’t need it.

What do you need??... is my question.

What things for your soul will you choose to give meaning to? You have crafted a life by the meaning you have given everything; how’s that working for you?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Building Bridges

“HEY, don’t cancel the party! Get those cookie cutters out and start baking!!!”… That was the way the evening started when a father, in Spirit, blurted out his holiday directive for his daughter.

I was working with a small group of successful, amazing women, who patiently waited for their opportunity to talk to dead relatives.

We were all taken back by such a powerful personality, and we wondered "who" was making himself known?
It was Karen who raised her hand to tell us her father had passed and she had planned a Christmas cookie baking party, but because she was grieving over the loss of her dad, she considered canceling.
He loved her so, and even though he was now in Spirit, he still maintained his special personality, love and humor. Yep, he wanted her to share in the family's traditional joy of the holiday, and bake those cookies! He popped in again, "Tell Ginny to sell the house"."Ginny" was not one of the women in the group. Karen said, "my mothers name is Virginia"..
Apparently the family had struggled with the issue of selling the house, it seemed the father was now giving his blessing for his wife, to move on.

A father, his daughter and me were carving out a path; building a bridge. It was a stellar evening of women and Spirit connecting love.

The women asked me. “how did you get to the place where you can hear him-- see and feel him? We think you are a Gateway-- a Bridge".

I learned personal re-construction after finding my own family foundation was faulty and dangerous. I dug deep into my historical muck, fearing annihilation and drowing, yet I continued to surface with sustainable wounds.Through this personal renovation, with the help of Spiritual Engineers, we have been able to construct a way from one side to the other.

Last year, my husband, the cat and I, moved into an apartment in Brooklyn, NY. We had a spectacular vista of lower Manhattan to the Brooklyn Bridge. For days, I marveled at the Bridge’s stature, grace and strength. I had trouble however, looking at South Manhattan.

There seemed to be a deafening echo, a spiritual reverberation, that was much too loud for me. I couldn't even unpack our dishes. It was the anniversary of 911.

Where the World Trade Center previously towered, were now two enormous frozen search lights blasting vertical shafts into the night. The lights reflection off low lying clouds gave the ominous appearance of a nuclear mushroom. Periodically when the clouds would part, the light would stream into the heavens in a defiant four lane freeway, bridging us to unknown realms.

What would I do if I heard Spirits that wanted to talk to me? Maybe I could help. I was compelled to make the pilgrimage to Ground Zero.

As I walked closer to Ground Zero, I could not take my eyes off the mangled debris compressed into the subway grates and cracks of the sidewalks. There was a distinct smell I could not identify. There was a scream inside my head. I was no help to anyone.

Where the towers once stood, there was a massive hole.Valiant attempts from courageous workers, whose lungs will never be right, were trying to make sense of it all in a silent vacuum. How will we all rebuild from this chasm of different beliefs, prejudices, hatred and greed? Each of us forced to rethink our "connections".

We moved to another apartment on the other side of the building where our sunsets gave us a glimmer of the Statue of Liberty. Though she is comparatively small and oxidized green, with her hope, she is still standing strong.

This vista now turned our focus to the reminder of what our country was built on. Not greed and corporate corruption, but freedom, liberty and the pursuit of a Spiritual life without the fear of tyranny and persecution.

Now, I'm back on the west coast doing what I can; helping fathers and daughters, shedding light on darkness, remembering love and building bridges with one divine connection at a time.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Coming Out

There is a time when one can no longer be silent.

When the truth is much more interesting than fabrication. When the alignment of ones heart meets what is written, said, and known. When the act of "doing" is replaced with "being", and for some of us, it happens in the 5oth year of our lives.

I had to come to terms with the fact that I talk to dead people, and they answer back. Also I had to face the fact that I am given information, that is not for me , but for others. Information that some would call prophecy, but I could never hide behind a religion and use the bible to find way to color what I hear. So lets call it information; something of an intuitive nature.

From whence this comes? I process this question every day. I feel it is from the benevolent energy that is connected to all of us. God, Universe, Holy Spirit, Hierarchy, the place that tells us the truth.

There is a place deep inside us that connects to it.

Lets go find it.