Saturday, January 23, 2010

Clean Those Filters

There are dozens of filters in our lives. The air filter in the car, the one in the heating and cooling system of the home, the water filter, the lint filter of the dryer,coffee grounds are filtered and most importantly is the filter for our bodies....the liver. These are the traps for the unwanted junk and debris of our lives that when FILTERED keep our lives running smoothly. These filters must be cleaned changed or in some cases, ..replaced.

If we do not take care of all the systems, they wear out or they can even poison us.
The not so easily seen filters of our energetic system are invisible but I can feel them when mucked up, clogged or just plain dirty.

The etheric body captures the negative frequencies we come in contact with. The astral body that is the emotional part of us needs support much like a doppelganger, it is an energetic frequency that is necessary for well being. It needs a good bath, just like the rest of us.

Have you ever felt “slimmed”? The popular Ghost Busters movies had a green flying monster named Slimmer who would when confronted, vomit clear goo. A Trivial piece of info but the context of being slimmed is clear?

I have studied various ideas about how illness gets into the body. What happens to our etheric filters can certainly cause inflammation resulting in probable disease. I know that some who read this might find the idea ridiculous but consider the film that we are covered with after a fire in the area. What happens when a jet dumps its fuel, the radioactive particles left after xrays?

What happens to us when we are vomited on, or immersed in frequencies that are dense and or “slimy”? The definitions of “slime” refer to something disgusting, or offensive in an ingratiating way. Energies can do the same.

Cleaning our filters may be as simple as removing something we eat, breath or the more subtle forms of conversations, places, environments, people and thoughts.

Keeping our filters clean is a daily job.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Symbols

There are times when we have symbols to remind us that we are not alone.

Symbols to let us know that we are being supported, guided, loved.......
I've had these for years and years.

Do you?

My recent connection is to watched.....a way for eyes to find me.

Do they find you?

They are all around, just pay attention and you will see or feel them.