Monday, January 26, 2009

The Walk of Good Will

This is the nave in the Temple of Good Will, in Brasilia Brazil. This area is the bottom part of a large pyramid. Its modern feel and transformational vibration I liken to the transporter room of a Galaxy class starship where teams are dispatched for important missions.

I visited this in 1996 and have been relentlessly thinking about it for months. I recently was at a gathering of people interested in the various healing centers around the world, and the conversation of Brazil came up. The woman who I was talking to was leaving the very next day to visit this place. I thought it interesting enough of a meeting to share this with all of you.

The Brazilians say that Temple of Good Will is the greatest symbol of Universal Love, of the exaltation of Life and of Unrestricted Ecumenism. Its doors have never closed since its inauguration, remaining open 24 hours a day. Apparently is the most visited of the Brazilian capital, receiving over a million pilgrims per year.
At the top of the pyramid rests the largest pure crystal rock in the world. The crystal symbolizes, in Unrestricted Ecumenism, the unifying presence of God. According to scholars, it purifies the environment by catalyzing energies that fall upon those who enter the place.

This is a picture of the Nave. Its floor was built in granite and drawn in a spiral.

Upon entering the Temple the visitor follows the darkened pathway that winds anti-clockwise, representing Mankind’s difficult journey in search of a point of equilibrium. In the center of the pyramid, exactly beneath the crystal, a round bronze plaque symbolizes the discovery of Light and the beginning of a new journey. The clear colored path however, going clockwise, represents the path illuminated by moral and spiritual values acquired by the Human Beings’ own effort, finishing at the Throne and Altar of God, from whom one receives blessings.

I found my experience to be one of deep emotional connection to the many who choose to walk on the path and in interesting symbol of the yin and the yang, the dark and the light, side by side, in harmony.