Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Resonance of Knowing

When you meet me, you might wonder if you will be found out. Well yes,..... if I choose to look.

I don’t waste my time going where I am not invited. I try to have a life with out you in it, so let’s keep this about the work.
You have been to someone like me, or you would not be reading this. You think of me when a problem arises that burns with time and uncertainly that makes you want to hear truth, or help which is it for you? To me it is the same.

So you seek me out. I am not for first timers, I work best with smart, gifted people who are never afraid when they are with me, only what others might think later.

Perhaps in the morphic field of knowing is where I picked up these abilities. For certain I had to intuit what the next assault would be by hand or mouth; that day in day out lesson of protecting myself with “the knowing.”

You are anxious that someone at work will know you have seen me, and you a lawyer, a bureaucrat, a politician, studio head, doctor, therapist, behavioral scientist, law enforcement officer, Yale graduate, scholar , soccer mom, you want to know, but wont admit you have called me. You will talk about me to the closest of friends, slip them my card, or call me something that fits your story.

I can remember your dead relatives, not because I knew them in life, but because when you came to see me ten years ago, they showed themselves to me, their longings, sadness, their joy for getting the opportunity to talk again to you. They are my friends, and I remember them when you walk in a room.

Together we have a resonance of knowing.

At parties you smile when you see me, but you can’t stay to talk, you leave when someone inquires what I do. I can feel you in my radar, I welcome you. I will think of you , and you will call.. never really apart, together forever in the resonance of knowing.

It is lonely doing what I do. Those who need me, want me, and those who do not want to know, stay far away.

Friday, March 28, 2008

YOU be the Change

I am making a promise to myself in going back into the “conversation”. The work I did with my life coaching mentor. If you hang with a group of people who think certain things, who “say” certain things, you become that conversation. I want to be around the people who want the conversation of transformation and growth but,…. for real. These are people who want to take responsibility for what they do and say in their lives.

The thing that concerns me about our national interest in change, is the fact that getting behind one candidate is not really about transformation, it's about getting behind someone. Now if you are committed to change then you don’t need a person to do that for you, you can do it, in spite of any person in the public doing it for you.

Once again it is the beliefs that we adhere to that create our lives. If you believe you need a redeemer, you will find one. What if you believed that you are a redeemer?
I don’t care if you are a democrat, white, back, female or a war vet. It is the personal responsibility to as Gandhi said " be the change you want to see in the world."It concerns me that people don’t think that they can do it themselves, they want someone to lead them.

In my opinion, the trouble in electing our last president was that we as a young nation still needed a “father” figure. Someone who would get in there and kick the sh** out of anyone who was hurting us. A veiled confident voice to tell us things that would make us feel better, as a father would speak to his children when they were too young to handle the truth. We still don’t really know the reason for all the Bush years, but as my Spiritual Cosmic Congress has told me,….electing GWB was about getting the opportunity to “see” things; the puppetry of the government. To have shadow exposed. A father playing cowboy, with real bullets. Are we really interested in the truth now?

Now, we have become a nation of exposure, the expose' of everyone. TV has become a tabloid contest in promoting narcissism. The news spins, twists and contorts information. The news papers that we believed were sound investigative places for truth , have turned Brittney Spears, a deeply wounded fading pop icon, into a headline. Why?

People are in pain and looking for anything that will distract themselves from their lives. People want change in their lives but from an outside source. They want drama to make them think and feel different about themselves. To watch someone rise to the top and fall is the pathetic entertainment of our culture. It takes courage to change these cutural illnesses, but it must start from within.

If you want change, start with what you cannot seem to be with.

Bigotry? Become tolerant and teach what you learn. Violence? Work with organizations to support your communities to keep you and your family safe.
Hate? Coming to grips with your own feelings about things is the first step, understanding that there is a history to those feelings , and working through them is crucial, to find compassion for yourself and others.

If you want to change things, you cannot continue to be around other people who do not speak the way you want to. Fraternization, is an incestuous way of becoming permeated with others thoughts . Surround yourself with people who are really interested in transformation. First with themselves, before they can make a difference in the world.

Who ever inspires you will tell you that YOU can do what they have done, perhaps not in the same way, but your own special unique way that colors the world.

Before you sign up for change BE that change you want to see in the world.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Psychic, Whats in a Word?

This word leaves some people cold. What images get conjured up in people minds? Some strange short woman with an accent you can’t identify, bangled ears, head wrapped in a turban, beckoning you from a dimly lit door way? A con artist store front where you are told you have been cursed by a witch and you have to pay $5000 to get rid of it?
Before you shell out a dirty 20, check references.

There are crooks in every business one must be careful not to let your need for help drive you into a place of desperation.

Terrifying…I guess that is why some of us call ourselves clairvoyant. Now that sounds special, sounds smarter, sounds less cheap, sounds a bit stuffy to me. Intuitive? Ok…let’s call a spade a spade.

Look we are psychics, the North American Encarta dictionary says “a person able to perceive that which is beyond the range of human senses, relating to the human mind, outside the sphere of scientific knowledge extraordinary sensitivity to non physical or supernatural forces”

I will tell you how the psychic part works for me.
If I sit with you and you tell me you are having a house problem. I will allow myself to see in my mind your house. Sometimes it is the exact color, and I allow the vision to unfold…I can see the house then I might see the drive way, and it seems to be sinking in, cracking, and now I know why you are having problems,…I can “see” that the structure is compromised and then I might hear “ you can fix it, and you must go the route of the law…there is something wrong with the agreement between the seller of the house or the contractor , and they both may be liable"

I have provided the information that on some level you needed …and we move on…working “outside the scientific knowledge, with extraordinary sensitivities”.
In a week or two, or sometimes even a year, you might tell me it was true.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Poop Free Zone

There is no stink like the fresh steaming dump from a dog.

That contradiction of love and devotion from mans best friend, reminds us that not everything or everyone is perfect.
Dogs don’t pick up their poo, they don’t even have the decorum to bury it like their feline adversaries, I don't think they care, but we still love them.
This is a metaphor of what can happen when someone you are in a relationship with, won’t clean up their shit, instead they dump it on you.
If someone dumps on you what do you do? Explain it? Excuse it? Justify the dump?
pretend it just didn't happen?

You cant ignore it, the smell will remind you it is there. If you stick your finger in it, then you smell like poo too. If you stir it, well… you know. It is important we learn to say "no pooping here", an emotional zone of protection. Training others to curb their upsets. What happens when one has an "accident"?
There is something constructive we can do with poo. I suggest that we transform into into something we can use, but not sling.
Scoop it up, and take it to your garden. Let it transform to help something else grow.
 A friend once said “ a flower has to push through a lot of shit before it can reach the sun”, so do we.