Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Heart of America is Purple

YES the heart of America has spoken, and it is purple; it is an exciting time in America. The color Purple is now what we see, no more Red or Blue states. This is the time of change.

Barack’s journey was certainly supported by numerous people, but it was Barack who had to step into this and make it happen. If Barack who was fatherless, raised by white grandparents can take his life and move it to an astonishing victory, then what does it tell us about what is possible?

What does this victory really mean? He is a representation of what can happen when people choose change. It didn't take much for people to walk to the voting booths and identify who they wanted to win. However it does take commitment, effort, and hard work to changing anything.
What happens now that is most important.

Are we willing to put into practice what we preach? Can we personally implement Change?

We can’t expect our leaders to make big differences for us. That could be a dangerous concession. Barack is an example; if he is a man of his word then he will stand by that and is time for us to do the same thing.

The Purple Heart symbolizes the deep struggle and wounding that one has suffered in battle.
America has chosen a symbol in Barack to remind us that there is life, and a powerful one, after such hardship.
No more excuses, no more oppression, no more fear, of what is not possible.
This is a call to change in the depths of our souls.
What are "we"....yes, you and me going to change?