Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Box of Karmals

For the Weeks leading up to Valentine’s day, you can’t turn a corner without seeing symbols of love. A red rose, sacred to Venus who is the Goddess of Love. Fat little cherubs, ready to strike, sweets and treats….
As Forest Gump would say,"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gona to get,” same with Love.
However, there may just be some Karma set in motion for love to strike.
Cupid, is the winged cherub equipped with bow and arrow which he uses to skewer people into love. The origins of Cupid can be traced back to the days of the Roman Empire.

Cupid is a Roman God, the symbol of passionate love. (He is the son of Venus, who remember is the Goddess of Love.) Cupid fell madly and completely in love with Psyche, whom it happened was a mortal.

This did not please Venus at all. Cupid made his mother jealous, so Venus gave Psyche a particularly hard time, consistently tempting her and driving her off.

Eventually, through a small series of human faults, Psyche was tempted to look into the ‘box of beauty’, (no doubt making poor little Psyche feel insecure) and when she did, she unleashed a deep slumber onto herself. Perhaps not ready to “wake up” she stayed asleep for years.

Cupid, realizing his love was stronger than his mothers wrath, came to Earth and searched the world for Psyche. He found her in her deep sleep. Psyche’s heart was pure and Cupid’s love for her was so strong that he was able to take the sleep from her and place it back into the box.

Then he used an arrow to pierce her heart,( a symbol of female genitalia and awaken her with his arrow, the phallus) a destiny that needed to happen.
Perhaps all the symbols and sweets of this day have deeper meaning than Hallmark could ever give them.
It is a grand day when you can intuit what is in each chocolate.Karmals are my favorite.
If we are honest we can "fall" in love with many, however it is the Psyche when awake, that can truly appreciate Cupids Karmic love and devotion.