Friday, June 8, 2012

Peanut Shells and Novocain

When a deceased loved one wants to communicate, and they are able to break the veil of death to come back and share messages, it is simply one of the most heart warming yet shocking experiences.

It is my job to help facilitate this. Losing someone we love can be the most painful yet transformational experiences of our lives.
Most of the sessions that I do as medium are NOT set up by me, they are facilitated most often by the dead themselves.

When I was back in my hometown and staying at the Bedford Springs Resort, I ran into a group of stunning, fashionably attractive women all walking out to the Tavern for lunch.  I did a double take and recognized a childhood acquaintance I’d not seen in 35 years. Rossanne and I were suprised to see each other.  ‘Please join us” she said. I was simply delighted to be part of their birthday celebration over salad and wine for their friend Beth.
We had a fast meet and greet, and then I tried to explain what I do, the birthday girl said, “ you mean you are a fortune teller?”
 “No.” I said.
 "You mean you read people's minds?”
” You mean you can win the lottery ?”

 I laughed. This was way too funny, I usually can explain my work, but these questions just reminded me that not a lot of people will understand. Then I heard the way I hear things, “ Simply tell them you can hear, see and feel dead people, you can see what they want their loved ones to know, you can help facilitate this love that continues”…then they all gasped  and tried  to explain about Marcia who was a little late. Marcia had lost her husband David, to Cancer.  I immediately thought, OK Spirit you have set this up.

Marcia was delightful and beautiful.  We shared a good laugh  about Marcia’s hunting passion, as she whipped out her phone to share some bucolic photos, that included fur and antlers. I left that lunch knowing I might talk to her another time.

We started is FB friends and then one night I felt I had to call her.

 She was  sad, like only those who have lost a spouse can be. A sadness that leaves only when time and experience can find a home for it.

I did not call her to give her information, I did not call her to make her a client, I called because I had to.

I was overcome with emotion, not my emotion, an upset for Marcia that I could not have because I did not know her. It was someone else's emotion.

I tried to fight what was happening but said, “If you want me to explain what I am feeling I will, but I think I have your husband here, do you want to hear this?” she said, "yes".

I am being told that you and your husband buried your dog together -----------

You eat peanuts in the car and throw the shell on the floor. Your  husband is laughing about this,

You have a saying that is important that he made for you on something by the door, ----

You want a pair of boots that you have agonized about whether to get or not---

He loves your blue berry pancakes---

He talks about the mole on your back---

The Novocain strength at work is not right ---

Sell the boat---

And now he shows me is washing his hands in an oval pedestal sink and he says “ that is my handy work”---

Other more intimate details the only they can share, that I will not be able to remember, but it was for them, and Marcia agreed I could share some of this with you.

Love shows up in all different forms.

All of these messages were deeply meaningful and true for her, her husband and now perhaps all of us.

He was a joy, and wouldn’t stop, he kept talking, showing, and loving all at the same time….we were both stunned and crying at the same time. David had released his shell and was still loving her. David had made this all happen, and for a brief moment we were both transported to a place of love, hope and life.