Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Meaning of Stuff

As the umpire says “ it ain’t a ball until I call it a ball”. You do that with everything in your life…you create the meaning.

You've put meaning on everything around you. You've developed a life filled with “stuff” that you have attached meaning to. That stuff only enforces the “meaning “you have attached to it.

Have you ever watched a hoarder? Someone who can not give up the obsessive compulsive need to keep things that the hoarder “thinks” has significant meaning.

You, always choose the meaning.

A beat up box with tinker toys that were your dead brothers, a school jacket reminiscent of your football glory days, your fathers pipe, your grandmother’s favorite broach coveted by all your family.

Without the “meaning’ you attach, they're just things.

Is your life filled with extraneous stuff to pull your attention to old memories because you don’t like the memories you now create?

Does "stuff" represent power or love?

When you look at that old silver candlestick are you reminded of the love that your mother gave or didn't give you?

There is the “Antiques Road Show” that will give more meaning to your stuff, and EBay to make sure you get more stuff.

The meaning you give to everything in your life has created the life you live.

My motto when helping to clear out peoples lives is when in doubt throw out” if you have doubt as to why you need something, then you don’t need it.

What do you need??... is my question.

What things for your soul will you choose to give meaning to? You have crafted a life by the meaning you have given everything; how’s that working for you?