Sunday, July 22, 2012

In the Blades

This is what I think 2012 is all about. 

Time has sped up. Situations we thought were trivial are now more important than ever. Bodies feel irritated, out of alignment and unsettled. Minds are being yanked around by the emotions of our own lives and the media.

In order to keep up we must shift, change our vibration. The body tells us what is wrong with painful reminders. What must we change to get out of pain? Where do we start and how do we do that?

Responsibility….taking responsibility for what we think, say and do. Blaming someone else can only go so far. What if you chose it to learn? When do you decide that you have learned enough to move on?
We can only change what we acknowledge.

 Do we really want awareness? It’s difficult, it feels like we are going to die, our heart and minds ripped apart with fear when we face our past, and clean up what we can, and embrace the uncertain future.
 We can then transform to something that is more ...fluid.

Consciousness comes with a price. It lives in the bottom of a blender in the blades.

Only those who want to be part of the shift, the awareness, the change, can do something about this.

I watch as people who are vibrant, curious, funny and loving cannot come to terms with their life choices. They hold themselves in the most critical ways, not understanding that they can make different choices. Choices for themselves that very well may have a profound effect on others. But until they do come to the realization, drop the shame and dig in, they will not shift their pain.

Life is filled with all sorts of pain, but there is joy when we are able to pour out of that blender!