Saturday, June 28, 2008


Our bodies create barriers to invaders; sounds, food, pathogens, allergens.

How do we keep ourselves safe in life’s Petri dish?

What are these strong reactions in our bodies to the energy of a room, a person, an object, historical events, even places?

I think it is perfect to look at the things that our in our lives that we are “allergic” to.
Things that create upset in our systems that need to be identified and addressed.

Doctors can measure the amount of energy that a certain part of the body is resonating with; it can be read, and tracked, by medical equipment. They can prove that “our thoughts” have consequences in the body.

I have seen facilitators talk to a patients about their emotional problems. Just the mention of a patient’s current problem in a relationship can change levels of energy running though the body. The “chi” ( energy) will dramatically drop, plummet, disappear….and the “charge “ of energy in the body, will be drastically altered, just by the mention of a troubling situation.

Can it be that we are allergic to our thoughts?
Why this is not the first part of wellness to learn what upsets our body, find the true source of the irritation, and learn to eliminate it.

Sometimes we have to get really sick in order to see what makes us so ill, and many times we continue to be irritated, allergic, and suffer until we identify what is really the culprit.

Do you love yourself enough to figure this out?

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