Saturday, August 1, 2009

God's Personal Guidance System

As I have said many times, I am always surprised at the information that is revealed by Spirit to us.
Sometimes it is because a deceased person needs to communicate with a loved one, other times it is the divine psychic nature of God that calls us to re-connect back to the Source, a place of loving information that is part of our birthright.

Who could have thought GPS might mean God's Personal Guidance System?

The fact that I assist others in hearing the guidance is a vocation that has taken years to embrace. I have had to accept that this happens even if I am at the grocery store, in a cab, 10,000 miles away, or even in my own back yard.

It is my job to help people connect to the source of their divinity and their own intuition.

Of course I have my own struggles and am constantly learning. Every day I am given information that if I choose to listen to, can guide me in my growth too, and through a series of dramatic events, Spirit has made more room in my life so that I can be "on call" for others who want assistance.

This week presented an awakening for a woman who I have shared pleasantries with, never an in-depth conversation about the meaning of the work I do, however there was enough room in my life to see, feel and hear her. GPS offered direction.

Life happens, no one can know what will trigger illumination. The day to day shuffling of children to school, can be interrupted, with something minor, or tragic. We don’t know what is being designed to get our attention.

We never know when we need direction, until it happens.

Today the message for this woman was :

There comes a time in a woman’s life where who she is must be revealed. It is when there is an alignment with the terror of her own wisdom, her truth, and the reminder of a Spiritual contract. It is a window into the depth of her soul.
She is called to listen, pushed to see. She must heed the sacred pull to the force of nature that created her.
How else will she know who she is. She will be shown, led, and if she listens, she has God's Personal Guidance system available in the conscious request of a prayer.
It is in knowing her truth that she will know herself. Her truth will set her free.

It is humbling and magical to know there is a guidance system for us all.