Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Psychic Gals Gone Wild

Laughing with other women psychics who got the same “hit” as I did on a crime, a case, a big public question, can be one of the oddest yet most bonding of gal pal experiences.

I live in the same town as the psychic twins Linda and Terry Jameson. They are beautiful, really funny and very talented.

We met at a pool party and between a couple of Margaritas, we found we had a few things in common. We were all three raised in Pennsylvania had lots of health maladies as children and were very artistic, not to mention... psychic.

A month ago I ran into them at the local VONS grocery store parking lot…The conversation went like this…”did you know, ..? YES... oh did you see??? Right, Yes ,and did you get he was goin to jail ? Yes!... and did you know…OF COURSE I knew…you knew that? …duh!”

The three of us answering each others questions before the question was answered…and then one of them, (sorry still can't tell them apart), one said , “you changed the spelling of your last name”….she was right, I did about 25 years ago…

We laughed and laughed.

But we became more serious when I mentioned one of the cases we all worked on. The missing person case of Olivia Newton Johns former boyfriend. He was also the former husband, and father of a child with an actress who sought my help when he first went missing three years ago. I told her back then that he was alive and living in Mexico…
We mused about that in the parking lot of VONS, remembering that three years ago we all three said he’s in Guadalajara, we did giggle at the fact we all three said it at the same time.

However, no ones has been knocking on our doors about that case...

…Spirit has a time frame when people like that need to be found.

Spirit has a time frame that is not ours.

Double, double toil and trouble… I cant wait to run into them again!