Thursday, July 30, 2009

Don't Forget the View

When on a train we are usually trying to get someplace; a destination that means something.

We are compelled to take that form of transport for a reason, economic, employment, perhaps emotional.

The ride can be filled with curiosity, chatting with fellow travelers, or sequestered into a world of information via news papers, Internet or taken to another time and place through a book.

Some are annoyed at having to take the trip, an impediment to their routine, their expected existence. But life is happening on, and outside that train, it is available if you care to look. It is the world outside, the world that offers more.

Recently I have had a few friends remind me of that. As they mention the view from their personal trains.

Life has pushed them into having to take the train, drive it and get to where they are going.
Pressed inside as their day to day view is either mundane or uncomfortable, they get on a train no foot on the pedal, their life now in the hands of the conductor.

Even if they had an agenda, beside them is another view. If they decide to notice is the glorious scenery.

I am happy to be reminded of this, as I work to get from point A to D. The ride can be inspiring when we don’t forget the view.