Friday, June 13, 2008


Hearing information from Spirit is why I do what I do.

It is "intuition perfection", to be given love from the deceased, or benevolent and important information from the universe.

It is the nature of my work that people want to talk to specific deceased people, to have particular questions answered. They want to “know” things but they also sense that they will be surprised.

My work has not been dissected to meet all scientific requirements to satisfy skeptics. It does not come with a manual, a road map. It is not like a recipe for a cake. I wish it was that simple.

I do try my best to prepare people. I explain how I work, what usually happens, and what TO EXPECT…none the less there are surprises. Imagine a loved one who passed , a fundamentalist, who belonged to a specific organized Christian sect, communicating with their living family members saying….

“ Hey EVERYONE is here, even the Catholics and Jews!” What a surprise!

It is a grab bag, filled with surprise.

You might not get exactly what you wanted, but, what's perfect is …what you get.. is exactly what you needed.