Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Poop Free Zone

There is no stink like the fresh steaming dump from a dog.

That contradiction of love and devotion from mans best friend, reminds us that not everything or everyone is perfect.
Dogs don’t pick up their poo, they don’t even have the decorum to bury it like their feline adversaries, I don't think they care, but we still love them.
This is a metaphor of what can happen when someone you are in a relationship with, won’t clean up their shit, instead they dump it on you.
If someone dumps on you what do you do? Explain it? Excuse it? Justify the dump?
pretend it just didn't happen?

You cant ignore it, the smell will remind you it is there. If you stick your finger in it, then you smell like poo too. If you stir it, well… you know. It is important we learn to say "no pooping here", an emotional zone of protection. Training others to curb their upsets. What happens when one has an "accident"?
There is something constructive we can do with poo. I suggest that we transform into into something we can use, but not sling.
Scoop it up, and take it to your garden. Let it transform to help something else grow.
 A friend once said “ a flower has to push through a lot of shit before it can reach the sun”, so do we.