Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Being

My Trip to the Sun Valley Wellness Festival as a first time presenter was filled with great surprises.

My workshop and talks were met by extraordinary people and I feel that Spirit in its infinite wisdom gave me as much clear information as my vessel could hear. When I had completed my work I wanted to wander into the beauty of the land that surrounded the Sun Valley Lodge. I wanted to bring home some Kodak moments, I was on a mission.

My mission I thought, was to take pictures of an area that had the most wonderful array of trees with every conceivable color of green…I was so attracted to this small 3 mile stretch between the lodge and town I could not wait to capture the color to remind me of my trip.

As I came back to the intersection of the Lodge and the main road, I was told, “take pictures “here”…so I shot ..three pictures from the same spot, shooting toward the north ,west, and south. The sun was never behaving, as I waited for it to creep out from behind the clouds. I laughed at myself, as I mentally tried to move the gauzy filters that obscured the vibrant green that I was trying to memorialize.

I still shot.

I then came back to the intersection and was met by a number of women who had attended my talks, one by one they drove by me stopped and thanked me for my work, I was oddly emotional as I thanked them too.

Dr Dunn, another festival presenter,who was at one time Dr. Richard Bartlett’s partner( the powerhouse behind Matrix Energetics,) mentioned that he thought the area where the path that intersected the Lodge and main road was perhaps a Nexus, a connection or link association to a group or series of connected people or things, and in cell biology it is a specialized area of the cellular membrane that helps cells to communicate or adhere.That night I had an opportunity to experience my own form of a Nexus

As I walked back from dinner, no one glass of wine could have created this next event. The dusk was ready to drop into the darkness, the purple iridescence of the pending night, became my private illuminati. I was standing right where I had taken the shots from the afternoon. I watched as the road morphed under my feet, my hands changed with a flash of florescent green and the sky snapped from pink to yellow with in seconds.

I had experienced …something.

When I got back to LA, I was anxious to see my film, still in the last century I have not moved into the digital age. My canister held mysteries. The fun shots of friends , co-workers and then…. this.

I thought it was a strobe from the sun, but then It was in two other pictures, the ones where I was told to "shoot" … to the north the south and the west.

I called Becky Andreason my friend who had her family written about in the Ray Fowler books called “The Andreason Affair”.

I shared with her the three photos titled “The Beings” and I said do you recognize this? “ and with a shriek of amazement, Becky said,...

"Marla, this is Exactly what I SEE when an Elder comes to give me a message! The light, and the shape is Absolutely the same as in your picture!!!, My eyes open seeing this Very image again, in a moment it is either gone or instantly tones way down, softly lit. I respond and say"YES"...
I hear their voice and so it begins, I receive a name and the message...
You have no clue as to how AWE STRUCK I was to see this picture you took!!!

I guess I should always keep a camera with me for a flash of inspiration.