Friday, May 23, 2008

A Series on the Perfection of Intuition.....Nature

Spirit has a way of making things happen that are simply perfect.

Not perfect to us when we are traversing the messiness of a situation or its feelings, but perfect that when we have a chance to look and “see” we find out that it was all perfect.

Recently my 10 year old cat, who fancies himself a Dandy, got into a bit of a scrap. This Dandy’s days are diminishing as his wound was on his hind flank so you know he was running away. The flank swelled with infection, and like a good mommy I took him to the hospital.

Meanwhile I am hunting for the perpetrator in the neighborhood who lashed out at my kid, the vagrant who bullied my tabby into a scrap. Get your kid vaccinated!...would be my rant, when I met up with them, but I had a tight schedule and doing meds and taking care of my kid, kept me just on a low simmer, never found the perps parents.

He came home with a soft collar like a little musketeer his saber lost in battle but happy oh so happy to be home.

The vet who did a lovely job of cutting along that Neapolitan color line of his skin, said, “Well, glad you got him in here,... when we went into clean out the the abscess there was a fatty deposit underneath , encapsulated from another injury and it was turning necrotic, you might not have recognized it until he was very sick”

What a strange blessing. In nature we wonder why a mother would kill a pup who was the runt, or stallion stomp out his sire. We are grateful for the bully who sent our boy to the hospital, he of course knew more than we.

The intuition to know when something is not right and make it known, even in nature, is perfection.