Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gifts From the Spirit

This vintage Christmas card is a beautiful representation of how I believe gifts come.

A heavenly Spirit comes to our home.

She knows what home to visit because she has been with us forever. She was prepared for the journey, coat and satchel, she has made this trip many times.

 Her unconditional loving companion,willing carries the gifts.
It is her delight to bring what is needed, what is important...what will bring joy.

The heavenly Spirit watches, waiting for the right moment.

The moment when we are ready to receive.

I just found something she gave me 10 years ago, tucked inside a folder, a note. Her words could not have come at a better time to remind me that she has always made the trip to bring me what I need, she has always been there.

 She knows what is best for me, despite what I think I want or need, she knows what is better.

She comes all year, but its in the cold when she gets to wear her coat to warm her wings, that she feels I am most receptive.