Thursday, November 12, 2009

God's Powerful Process

I’ve always loved storms. To feel safe in the middle of one is about knowing what protects you.

The power of these tubular squalls can be devastating as they rip homes and lives apart, destroying everything in its path.

I once read that a tornado is considered "a process". I believe that Spirit has revealed tornado as a new symbol for me, of a vortex of energy that I have danced with all year and now follows my call when a clearing is necessary.

I have been inside this vortex for 9 months. Now it is time for perhaps the calm and the rebirth of new and fertile ground.

Those who have fanned this wind of mine are not safe from the path destruction. Dented and scraped, I’m sure they pray the worst is over. The fact is, they will never know when the elements of God will produce this …”process” again.

A friend from far away, who is traveling to see me, recently sat with the sorcerers of Jacumba Ca, and drew from their deck of power cards, a tornado, predicting that he would meet his worthy adversary soon.
I soaked in the naked spa of the Korean baths today ready to be scrubbed when I struck up a conversation with a beautiful woman.
We briefly shared our lives, and when I laid out my most recent past, she said “ My God, it’s a tornado" I laughed,... again, a confirmation reiterated from the universe.

The scrubby pads whirled and whirled around my tired epidermis, I emerged glowing, just as a new babe should.
The mighty wind of Spirit clears a path , removing what is necessary for the shamanic cleansing.

I know I am protected, but I also am in awe of the power of God.

Friday, November 6, 2009

"Soul Survivor" Be prepared to be amazed!

Reincarnation , a subject that you may or not be interested in, however when I found the story of a young boy whose night terrors turn out to be memories from a previous life and the loving parents launch an investigative probe into finding the truth, ….my world was rocked.

When hearing of the precious 4 year old child who knew the intricacies of fighter planes, I was drawn into the richness of this unbelievable tale. However, when the opportunity to interview his parents for Unknown country’s Dreamland fell in my lap I was more than moved.

In My opinion this is the most dramatic example of a modern day reincarnation story that could challenge your belief system but also put you in touch with the most loving families and have your heart leap for joy at the culmination of their book “Soul Survivor”.

Whitley Strieber’s interview on Dreamland and my subscriber interview can be heard for the next month on

The web site for Soul Survivor is

Enjoy and be prepared to be amazed!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

They Let Us Know

Animals are God's heart warmers.

They are so very precious and will tell you most often when things are good or not. They let us know that they are happy... if we are happy. They buffer crys, love us unconditionally, and remind us that we too, matter.

A few months ago I was interviewed on George Noory's AM radio program Coast to Coast. George is an avid animal fan, and we both decided that anyone who says they don't like animals, has missed one of the greatest parts of life. My interview turned into a sort of pet psychic program. Which was not what I wanted to talk about, but it was extraordinary none the less.

I realized that people are desperate to understand their animals, communicate with them and want to know that they too have been understood.
I am good in reading dogs and horses, but even though I have had cats most of my life and have had a big yellow tabby as a constant companion for the last 11 years, I just can't seem to "hear them " the same way..... until now..

My cat and I recently moved into our new home. That first day I saw something different in him. An excitement, happiness and grace that he didn't have at the former house.
Even though he had two yards to stalk rats and birds, pee freely and climb trees he seemed to loose the joy of being there. He is older and let me know that he was tired of protecting the huge grounds of my former home. He told me he was relaxed and happy, safe, comfy and If I had just listened to him I too could be the same way.
Here is how he looked the first night in our new home.

I wonder what he has to say next?

If we watch them they will tell us. You don't need to be psychic to see joy.