Wednesday, July 9, 2008

" Real " Change

I have finally found a book that addresses the conversation of consciousness better than any I have ever read.
Yes, it became popular because of Oprah, and in this case I say ” thank God for Oprah”.

She has used her celebrity to address many of the topics that she is curious and passionate about, especially her profound endorsement of Obama.
There is much talk about “change” but before any of us can truly implement this new form of awareness in our nation, we must do it within ourselves. Otherwise we are just followers of a “nice idea”, and perhaps witnesses’ to a hollow victory, if we as Americans do not take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions.

This book is for anyone who is curious about transformation, personal awareness and consciousness. It has a resonance that will alter how you think about your pain, your fears and how you keep it all in place with your ego.
Let us find the courage to stand behind real "change "within ourselves first.