Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spark of Genius

How Shocking it must have been to be picked up, agonizing pain surging through your body, face pressed against the ceiling, then thrown to the floor, smoldering and dead.

Such was the end of a phone call on September 17, 1975 for Dannion Brinkley. His story etched in Saved by the Light and Secrets of the Light are tangible reminders of the power and grace of God in the finger of a lightening bolt.

Hopefully we don’t have to have strange acts of nature to bring us to our knees and change the path that we are walking, but in Dannion’s case it turned his life of being a son’of a bitch, into a spokesperson for heaven.

In his indoctrination on the other side Dannion learned that part of the reason many people were not living in love and harmony was the direct result of too much stress. In his book Secrets of the light Dannion says that the beings on the other side told him that stress carries a heavy energy that attracts negativity and fear, In turn, this slows down our chakras, drains our spirit, and disconnects from our divinity.

By relieving the stress in our daily routines more light would be allowed to filter through our lives, making us all healthier, happier beings.

I think his books are terrific bedside table materials to remind us that darkness will be pierced by light eventually.

I opt for recognizing that if it gets a little too dark in my world, I can turn on a light,…. myself.