Saturday, October 25, 2008

Beware of Poppies

The gleeful chorus of the Emerald city dwellers....

As Dorthy and her team were on their way to see the wizard and were within reach of their quest.... they ran into a field of poppies.

A lovely distraction, a beautiful serene burst of nature. They were lulled into a deep sleep..and out of the ether's came a snow shower to wake them up. A dusting of ice to calm the affects of the hypnotic poppy.

They were willing to fight the good fight, face their fears and the danger, no matter the out come they took a journey. Their psychic spirit called upon the good witch to help them . They got up, dusted themselves off, made it to Oz, and fought to be seen.
Dorthy and her pals never felt they had what they needed when they met the little man behind the curtain. However, they found they already had inside of themselves, what they needed.
They had to look within, take personal responsibility and then and only then could they go home.
The tall poppy syndrome is when a poppy gets taller than the others , it is cut down to be uniform to the others. Dorthy stood tall and she found her way home.
Are we moving out of the dark into the light, or are we being lulled into the hypnotic mass of the poppies ?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Invisible Made Visible

In the dark recesses of our lives, we all have secrets, things none of us want other people to know.

How much importance we put on these secrets means they either are just passing thoughts or they run our lives. There is an epidemic going on in our world right now. Things that people are hiding are now being revealed.
There is hypocrisy that is now being exposed in our financial, housing, judicial, and political markets. People are screaming for justice, and for some of us that justice is just below the surface of the skin.
What is not dealt with always comes up sooner or later, we must find the justice inside ourselves. Some people are wearing what they have denied, something that is literally eating away at them. What is invisible is being made visible. It will not be stopped because ones soul will not allow it. The nature of ones truth is not to be shackled or imprisoned by the past.
Some people have a ticking bomb inside their bodies thick plaque or a fragile artery. Those people don’t get to be warned before it’s too late. Some have manifested such pain in side the cells of their body that the cell actually becomes ill.
There are others that are fortunate in that their bodies are telling them every day that they are not only in trouble medically, they have emotional problems that have not been resolved. We all can see the pain.
No one of consciousness wants wants to say.”You know I can see the many years of secrets, abuse, criticism, shame and abandonment that happened to you by virtue of your inability to carry up the stairs the excess weight you have. How can I help relieve you from your burden?” But as we see their pain , our hearts can feel the misery of their hearts too.
How do we get to the point of deciding to change when we realize we have such burdens that were built from pain?
This is what I have pondered this last week. I have had a number of conversations with women and men who are struggling with excess weight. I think that our lives are a fractal of what is going on out there in the world. We literally have to address what has become obvious, before one gets so sick that they become diabetic, have a stroke or heart attack.
The heart stops working right , because it wasn't working right.
Spirit will give you an opportunity to think about your pain, and hopefully you will find the love you so easily give others, must be bypassed to YOU.

There is truth to the idea that God taps you first, then nudges, you, then slaps you and if you really don’t feel what is going on, he will hit you over the head with a brick. Let’s make sure that does not happen.
Your invisible thoughts, and secret actions when filled with love for you, will begin to radiate your truth instead of your pain. Then the burden you carry … will become less.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


.... the state or position of being accountable to somebody or for something, the blame for something that has happened, authority to act to make decisions independently …..a duty.

I woke with a dream after the first debates. I was struck with the word “responsibility”.

This word inside my head played itself out in various scenarios. Starting first with the obvious , others not taking responsibility. There is so much frustration and the anger all over the world. Now it is in our back yard in a way we can't ignore. So how do we change all of this?

I watched a scene from the TV show Mad Men and was mesmerized with the immense selfishness and entitlement we all possess. Don takes his family to a park for a picnic just after he has bought the new car. He’s concerned about his car getting dirty on the inside from his kids. In preparation to leave the park, the camera man pulls back to a wide shot of the family picking up the blankets and shaking them out. They conveniently leave behind all the trash. Chinett napkins and Dixi cups scatter in the wind. That action and the obliviousness of the whole family to not seeing their mess and taking responsibility to pick it up, spoke volumes to the emotional life of not just the family but the era. The unconscious mental murmur of somebody else will clean up my mess.

It’s like the image I have stuck in my head of GW Bush on Letterman during his first run for the Presidency. The show was going to commercial and instead of moving right way, the camera lingered on Bush. A page, sent to reset Dave’s desk passes in front of Bush. GW Bush unabashedly reached up, grabbed the edge of her sweater and cleaned his glasses with it.

We are going to see things in the next few months that no one will have predicted , not even a good psychic, but we can feel them already.

Unless I take full responsibility for me and what I do, then I can’t change anything. Clearly we see this with our elected officials and the news media but why not start at home. A personal act of responsibility would be to deal with your own garbage, clean up your own mess, and stop blaming others.

So I guess we do have the whole world in our hands.