Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Keepin An Eye On Us

" Image John Montgomery Copyright 2010" www.cropcircleconnector.com
My experience began in the hotel lobby as I was taking notes about what I would say the next day in my talk, when I asked , “what do you want me to tell them?” and I heard , “tell them to LISTEN…”

I was one of the presenters for Dreamland Festival III in Nashville Tennessee. Last year was terrific, but I was a bit out of my mind due to the end of my marriage. This year I was calm and enjoyed the fact I was blessed, healthy, happy and was asked once again to come and do my work.

The trip was easy, I flew with Anne and Whitley Strieber, who are well tuned travelers. We all three scrunch together in a Southwest airline row, passing back and forth interesting things to read, or eat…..(Ok, we break down and share a small bag of Cheetos between us )we do our best to pass the time, even though I am relatively the same size I was 30 years ago, I am sure the seats are smaller the aisle tighter and well, you know, it is just a pain in the ass to find comfort.

Nashville's weather was not nearly as hot as last year, but as we all took a stroll through the Vanderbilt College campus, a place Anne and I enjoy singing old hymns, it was easy to remember how much I appreciate the cool June gloom of Southern Ca.

The Strieber’s are loved and adored, understandably, as they are deeply compassionate leaders in a cutting edge conversation of paranormal experiences. They are prolific writers, founts of knowledge and safe havens for those who are having extraordinary and extraterrestrial experiences. Their web site http://www.unknowncountry.com/ is one of the most popular web casts in the world.

These experiences to most Americans might seem out of the norm, not your typical topic of conversation around the dinner table, but these events for many of those at the festival and for some who are still not ready to talk about their experiences, are as real as us brushing our teeth in the morning.

The other presenters William Henry, Linda Moulton Howe and Jim Mars, are a well educated, and investigative group of intelligent, passionate people who work hard to expose the truth about many of the things that don’t make sense to any of us in the world and then there is me, who does my very best to listen to the information provided for others by Spirit, God, the universe, or as I refer to them lovingly is “THEMS”.

What else do you want me to say to them”… "Marla tell them, we are with them, we are always providing information to guide and support them”

And then I heard, “YOU LISTEN” and as I tuned in pushed out the rowdy financial planning group at the bar, I realized the piano player in the lobby of my hotel where I was taking down this information was playing the song "God is watching us, God is watching us from distance.." I thought that was a fitting song, so was this the crop circle reported later that day.