Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Intuitive Itinerary

I am traveling, compelled by a force that flooded my heart and head. I have been called to go and ...experience.

This trip was conjured as I lay on my back for two weeks, contemplating how to heal and move through a serious bronchial condition.

I looked at all the emotional triggers for this affliction, and asked, “How am I to breath in this world after having the wind knocked out of me? Help me embrace my new life".
Within three days I was given the vision of my intuitive itinerary. I was shown where I had to go, what I had to do and "told" who I needed to see.
I am going to a place that I have talked about for fifteen years, a place where you are not just your body, where you are eternal and not alone, where they "say" you find other parts of yourself. I have been invited , as student and colleague. All I will have to do is breath the mountain air of Virginia and fly.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are just the beginning. Then onto the back roads of Pennsylvania where it all started for me this "time around".

Like in the first days of school we look to see who has cut their hair, grown taller or curvier.The lines on our faces will prove the many trips we have all taken, but instead of looking for my past I will go there for my future. I am a tourist on a karmic adventure and this is my itinerary.
These are the roots that have supported my growth I relish my investigative spirit as I peel back the layers to find what ever mystery is hidden.

I plan to sit for hours at the local Court House to find answers to burning questions, chat with local artists about their crafts. Relish the new and old with childhood friends, tour the refurbished and perhaps visit places that still haunt me.

I find refuge in the silence of the woods, visit the paths my father and I once traversed together and be the dinner guest for a favorite autumnal tradition of squirrel.

I am on the road looking for the next sign post on my intuitive itinerary.