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To Monroe and Beyond : part 2 The Institute

Part 2
I learned about the Monroe Institute from Lieutenant Lyn Buchannan when I trained as a remote viewer back in 1996. It became the holy grail of destinations for me, but every year that I filled out the application, something else would distract me, until last year when I had a phone client from Australia.

Irene wanted to connect with a deceased loved one.We not only talked to her dead husband but her father, who told me what she was wearing on her wrist, ( yes I was in La and she was in Australia) it was starting out as an extraordinary session. Her relatives were very clear and then I was slapped with an image of a man with a mustache. At first he looked like my dad, and then I heard “ Bob Monroe”, So I asked Irene, “Is there any reason Bob Monroe would want to talk to you?” Irene responded, “oh yes I am a trainer for the Monroe Institute Gateways and I am heading up the Australia branch". Irene has been on me ever since to take the introductory Gateway course, now I was itchin’ to go.

The wayshower Bob Monroe
I had a desire to go back home to Pennsylvania, a hankering to research a murder back there, and why not go to Monroe and scratch that persistent itch. I had my intuitive itinerary all set up, after meeting with the Andreason’s I was off to Monroe.

Set in the blue ridge mountains of Virginia, it was the prefect spot for a retreat about consciousness. Eighteen of us from all over the world convened to explore what Bob Monroe has written about in his books, Journeys Out of the Body, Far Journeys, and Ultimate Journey. We woke at daylight, had the choice of having a private morning to ourselves, stimulating yoga class, or hiking around the area. Breakfast with every conceivable need supplied, we started our day getting to know each other. We were a mixed bag of hearts, minds, and souls between 28 and 80 years old.

We'd meet in the pine paneled Nancy Penn Center with facilitators Penny, Bob and Robert. These three were the perfect combination of smarts, experience humor and willingness. They outlined what assignment we were to do and then off to our CHEC Controlled Holistic Environmental Chamber we’d go. The CHEC unit was our personal bed in a wall, where we students put on  head phones, and listen to the Hemispherical Synchronisation (Hemi-Sync) method to affect different altered states of consciousness. We could make it as dark as we wanted with heavy black out curtains. I like comfort, and it was there in every sense of the word within our persona CHEC units. Each exercise began with the same preparatory phase that we are more than our physical bodies and with that said, all of us had unique experiences that we shared after every exercise.

Some of us flew, some had healings, met deceased loved ones, talked to enlightened beings, were given messages, instructions about work, family, some of us had or fears challenged, patterns adjusted, were taken to other planets, had past life regressions, helped souls who were stuck move on, got in touch with loss, love and life in various forms. We changed and hopefully can share this all over the world with you.

Some of my personal experiences along with my  interview with the executive director of TMI, Paul Radamaker will be posted 11/13/10

The Monroe Institute web site

Irene's Australian TMI web site

With a note about the hemi-sync work, there are some people promoting binaural beat methodology in some of their meditations. I feel it is imperative to be careful. Monroe works with programs that have research behind it, so that as student of this brain stimulation you are given proper guidance about this.
Trainers Robert, Penny and Bob, with me in the orange.

To Monroe and Beyond: part 1 The Andreason's

I had a dream to go The Monroe Institute for 15 years. As soon as I made the commitment everything fell into place. I was on a plane to Virginia, but first I had to stop to see friends who I had never met.
Part 1  :  A number of years ago my client and friend Chris, introduced me to a number of  books about the most well known abductee family in the United States;The Andreason's.

 Creepy I thought. Having been personally violated as a child I could not imagine the sheer terror, upset and psychological havoc that an abduction scenario could have on any child or adult. I trusted Chris, so I read the books. I was more than  fascinated.The detail and clarity of their experiences was mesmerizing, but it was the resonance of heart and truth that captivated me. The same feeling that I had  when reading Whitley Strieber’s COMMUNION.

How did these seemingly normal people deal with such adverse and exquisite experiences? Were Becky, her children and grand children all a part of a huge mass experiment, or just the day in a life of some wacky people who had all been brain washed into believing they had these things happen?

Becky, now a few years older than me has been remembering events with the visitors/beings/elders/angels since she was three. These accounts as well as extensive hypnosis and lie detectors tests are all recorded  in Ray Fowlers books. Her childlike voice and years of experiences both terrestrial and extraterrestrial made this woman loving, tolerant, deeply sensitive, highly intuitive and funny, we became phone friends. I incessantly teased her about the visitors, who I called the critters , those who watched her, cared and educated her, until... it got close to me.

It was in one of my sessions with Chris, where the room lit up with bright light, and then I saw a green flash right beside Chris’s head. “whoa did you see that” I yelped. "There was a big green flash of light right beside your head.!! Chris said “well Becky called me this morning and said, if you are in a session with Marla tonight and you see a flash of light, then you will know the visitors are there”.

 Becky amused simply said,“ Oh Mala (her new England accent flavored my name), they have always been around, you are just now interested” Yes is was a profound thought that these "visitors" could be interacting with everyone. This is a conversation that not many people have over dinner; worth thinking about.
I made sure there was enough aluminium foil  in my pantry to cover my head, just in case.

Becky often gets her own kind of  messages, the kind that a psychic needs sometimes, one sentence messages that were spot on and always helpful in my ever changing life. She has become a dear  friend and now it was time to meet her.

Betty and Becky Andreason, and Bob Luca ( Betty's Husband) met me  in a motel just outside the Roanoke airport. They were perfectly normal, down to earth, smart, well spoken, and no antennas coming out of their heads. Yet their spirits were huge, and the memories of 50 to 60 some years of being with these visitors was just as real to them as you and I remembering birthdays, weddings, the time the roof blew off during a bad storm, except these events were extraordinary. My question was how do they handle it all? That was easily answered by Betty, "its our faith and belief in the Lord that gets us through this" as all three of them so eloquently expressed that during our chat that afternoon. I brought a new finagled audio recorder and put it on the table  in the middle of the room, what was said can be heard on the subscribers section of starting 11/13/10

 Here is just a glimpse  what follows Becky around in her yard.
A photos of a craft. An odd bluish orb with a cross in it. A back yard  of  ectoplasm and light.

 Becky's web site is