Monday, September 1, 2008


Before you read this, know that I detest charlatans trolling for business and abhor the intrusive attempt to foster fear in people.

This story was just emailed to me:

"I was in Target today and this woman, Angelina, came up to me and said that she's a psychic and that she got a strong feeling that there were things she had to share with me, messages about my luck and other things (can't remember now exactly what they were) and she wouldn't have been able to sleep if she didn't tell me this. She gave me her card and invited me to contact her."

....These people are looking for your business, period.
....They use fear “knowing” things about you and pray on that fear to get you to call them.
....They, typically, will tell you that you have a curse on you.

.... and IF you do call, they will tell you that for just a few hundred dollars they can remove that curse, and restore your good karma.

Bull shit.

It is my experience, these fraudulent women who prey on unsuspecting shoppers in the aisles of malls and supermarkets are cons.
They rely on your fear to “lure” you into making an appointment to see them for a bogus reading.
IF, and I mean IF, a legitimate psychic gets a hit on you and feels that they HAVE to tell you something, the appropriate thing for them to do is ask you if you are at all interested in what they have to say. If they have an urgent message for you then they should offer the message for FREE.
Real psychics who have your best interest at heart and are in true service with their gift, would NEVER intrude with ominous premonitions.
If you are ever confronted in a shopping center by someone claiming to have psychic information for you, tell them, “Yes, I am psychic too, and I “see” you being arrested for harassment.”