Friday, July 24, 2009

Dust Off Your Dominoes

Wikipedia says that the domino effect is a chain reaction that occurs when a small change causes a similar change nearby, which then will cause another similar change, and so on in linear sequence. The term is best known as a mechanical effect, and is used as an analogy to a falling row of dominoes. It typically refers to a linked sequence of events where the time between successive events is relatively small.

We know by virtue of our media that the thoughts that are verbalized by politicians, money experts, and even David Letterman can have dramatic affect and incite millions.

What happens if we carefully choose to when,where, how and what dominos of our own to nudge?

Right before I speak to groups I ask "how should I start this talk?” And I am led to address by Spirit what is the most important point for the two hours.

Yes, I know I will be discussing all sorts of psychic phenomenon, and messages from departed loved ones, but for the Dreamland conference in Nashville I was told. “you must address how important everyone's physical system is and there are a number of people in the group whose bodies are severely compromised"

I got in front of the crowd and quickly sketched on a large paperboard a mass of information and guidance above us available to us, with lines of communication attached to us...the point was how we as humans need keep our vehicles (bodies) in good shape to be able to receive and embody the important information and guidance available to us….So I complied.

I was specifically led to talk to a few people about diabetes and hidden health issues. There was a bit of an upset by a few pissed off participants who got activated by the talk, but that is bound to happen when people are challenged in areas that they have secrets and shame.

These ripples some times take only minutes to roll out but, sometimes days and weeks can pass.

I came back to my ever changing personal life revealing thousands of my own dominoes that I have overtly/ covertly knocked down in the face my change. Watching as everything falls down, to be re-built, forgetting what I pushed a few weeks ago, But today I am inspired that perhaps there are miracles in the movement of change and I am on the right track.

Ben, a participant at the Dreamland festival is in the process of personal transformation. He like many has struggled with historical wounding, but he is now being led, assisted, and guided to strike at his dusty dominoes. Embracing what he learns and taking action for inevitable change. He pushed himself to the festival and things are rolling out.He asked for help and he is getting it.

I believe that I signed up to be pushed by Spirit, to push a few dusty dominoes, to re-calibrate with light and to assist others in finding their right resonance.

Ben is now in the exciting transformational metamorphosis of his life, flowing and moving inspired by Spirit to trust the chain reaction to take right resonance in action. He is an inspiration.
Thank you Ben for reminding me why I do my work.