Friday, December 31, 2010

Heed the Whispers?

This new Years Eve I was typing the note, “I am always here for you.” I wondered if that was an invitation, or was I being presumptuous that she might need me? Was I just doing my job as a psychic medium, just being a caring person, or was I acting out  the care taking  pattern  of being an alcoholic’s daughter? These are boundary  issues I have had to learn.

I cannot assume that I am needed out side the professional services I offer. BIG LESSON, I do not accost people on the street and give them psychic information. I do not sit beside a man on the air plane and whisper unsolicited information. You would not expect a dentist to lean over and say, “Your breath stinks, let me tell you what that halitosis is about.” I find  information unsolicited, but still given, a boundary issue.

It's become a year of understanding more of these boundaries.

People come to me because I can help them see their lives differently, feel what they cannot feel or sense themselves because they are focused elsewhere. What I have to offer as a psychic medium, are sometimes important directives, about taking one road or another, fixing car parts, health issues and relationship issues. I cannot be attached to whether someone listens or not. I care, but I cannot have any agenda.I must just give the information, whether it is heard and acted upon is not my business.

I had one client call me this year from her hospital bed, saying, “ok I know you are thinking I told you so.” By the time she ended up in the hospital I had forgotten that there was a message saying , if you do not handle this, you will be in the hospital in a month. I cannot remember every thing I tell a client but I knew at the time it was important.

What is our responsibility in hearing information that can help another?

A client who did not take my suggestion a few months ago about the damage that could come to her home if she did not take steps to protect from the water, is now flooded. My celebrity clients who had a clothing store asked me what they should do about their business. I told them that they would let it go, because I saw them losing a great deal of money; they were robbed more than once. An old friend who has had numerous messages given to him not just by me but by his own guidance is faced with devastating health issues. The point is we as adults have choice.

I too have had to learn this in my own life. I’ve been given messages I did not want to heed, the result has changed my life forever. I am not saying that not needing the messages means there is punishment; on the contrary, I feel there are no mistakes. Mistakes happen to show us something even more important.
If we were warned, then it is clear there is a consciousness  inside of us that cares about us and it can be accessed in time to help us. However  if we are given guidance, warned over and over again, and we still choose not to listen, then there is something wrong in the love we have for ourselves.

I have learned more about boundaries and the care I must have for myself. It is true that I am always here if she needs me, but I wait for her to ask and if she does ask for help I will do my best, to be clear compassionate. I have learned that in my personal world, to heed the whispers of the message, and let the rest go.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gifts From the Spirit

This vintage Christmas card is a beautiful representation of how I believe gifts come.

A heavenly Spirit comes to our home.

She knows what home to visit because she has been with us forever. She was prepared for the journey, coat and satchel, she has made this trip many times.

 Her unconditional loving companion,willing carries the gifts.
It is her delight to bring what is needed, what is important...what will bring joy.

The heavenly Spirit watches, waiting for the right moment.

The moment when we are ready to receive.

I just found something she gave me 10 years ago, tucked inside a folder, a note. Her words could not have come at a better time to remind me that she has always made the trip to bring me what I need, she has always been there.

 She knows what is best for me, despite what I think I want or need, she knows what is better.

She comes all year, but its in the cold when she gets to wear her coat to warm her wings, that she feels I am most receptive.