Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The movie HEREAFTER has a resonance of beauty and possibility. What we resonate in our personal consciousness is what we will pull to ourselves; like attracts like. I can only hope that this movie might be a needed a shift in the zeitgeist about psychic mediums.

Even my daily conversation of life after death, has been dramatically affected since seeing the movie.I had just been to The Monroe Institute, where the work we do there is  to explore other levels of consciousness. I had a vision while I was training at TMI that was almost identical to a scene in the movie. I was stunned  and  wondered, what other gifts will this movie deliver?

When I left the theatre, I was sober  to what this work can do, does do and will do for others. It was a humbling experience. I just wanted to call up Clint Eastwood the director and thank him for having the courage to do such a careful smart film. I don’t have Clint’s number.

No matter the strength of my intention, Spirit has “its” own time frame about things, I learned to surrender to this. I am a student of the HEREAFTER.

Two days after seeing the movie I went to Whole Foods, a popular L. A. grocery. I ran smack into Jennifer Lewis a well known terrific African American actress, who has a strong and palpable role in the movie.

I introduced myself having met her before when I was working as an actress, “ Jennifer I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to see you in HEREAFTER, I was deeply moved by your work". I told her how much I appreciated the intelligence and care Eastwood took in addressing this subject, ‘ Oh my thank you so much, God is good”she said, I agreed.  I told her that I had left acting to surrender to the call of being a psychic medium, she was surprised and interested. I suggested that perhaps this movie could help people over come their fears about death and bring a better understanding to the subject, she concurred. I said “Please pass a thank you on to Clint and everyone connected to this movie”. We hugged and wished each other well.

That same night I sat in my writing class heightened with emotion, not knowing if I was sensitive about sharing a chapter in my book, or if I was still feeling the fallout of  the movie. This group of writers was pulled together by my friend Minda Burr a feisty talented motivational speaker/ writer who was pushed to give writers a forum. Minda’s former boyfriend Dan passed from pancreatic cancer just four months ago. She had been a part of his life and death and was simply exhausted, a recent hospital stay flattened her; she asked Spirit for help and direction. She woke, knowing that a writing group is what she was to do, she felt it was divined by Dan. She graciously invited me.

Eight of us were sitting in my office when we all started to talk about Dan Lewk. Minda started to share about the profound relationship that Dan had with Gary a vested screenwriter in the group. Their bond was deeper than even brothers. As Gary was talking about Dan, I felt a deep compassionate love  pass through me and embrace Gary, then the light on the table, right beside Gary went out. Everyone went silent for a few seconds, sensing something special was occurring.

And then Minda said "Wouldn't it be amazing if Danny is actually here listening to this whole conversation?" And I responded " Oh he's here alright." And then Minda said, "DANNY IS THAT YOU??" Then the light on the table jolted and came back on instantaneously! We all looked at each other to make sure we all saw the same thing. We all nervously laughed, but realized we shared one of those WOW moments where everyone in the room sensed his presence. We  knew an extraordinary communication had been given, as well as received.

This brief but powerful part of the HEREAFTER touched us all.