Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Great and Full

Oh my God to be grateful. There are so many who have altered my course, enriched my soul, visited me in realms that illuminated investigation way beyond my comprehension. Souls whose journeys intertwine, slip in for a brief visit, or haunt me with memories to fill a day of rain.

It is an amazing journey to be what I think is a Spirit in a physical form. Being human is hard. The difficulties of human emotion is what makes humans so extraordinary and yet so vulnerable. How defensive one has to be to survive the roads, office, home and space of others, let alone our minds.
We are coddled here in America with the remote control to other lands. We do not have to slay the moose to eat. We are not forced to pray that our café will not be bombed, at least not yet.

I love the freedom of knowing that there is always more. I am so grateful that my blinders only come in hormonal fluctuations. That a mood can be altered by the brief laughter of a stranger, and that what I have learned is only the shimmering tip of an iceberg.

I love the trains in NYC that are a haven of humanity. Yesterday I sat with Yankee fans caught up in the emotion of winning. Those anonymous enthusiastic lives briefly shared, are welcomed, energy so infectious and invigorating; I ran home to do my laundry.
I have met those whose life is fleeting, and they hunger to stay, others who don’t like who they are and want to leave, some who know they will die in months and are resigned to moving on.
Any of you who come to my world and visit have left an impression. Oh my God I am so grateful.