Monday, May 18, 2009

Angels Who Drink Coffee and Drive on Freeways

When the sun burns through the haze and you wake, how do you greet the day?

Musing the days events or perhaps pulling the cobwebs apart to remember the last act of a dream?
There is a choice before your feet hit the floor.
I signed up to be here, a contract that I reluctantly made, to do what I was sent here to do.
It it a life time job to figure that out. I think that we are here to take the light that we rise with and move it through the world, the light that you were given the dawn of your first waking day.
I think we are Angels living on a wing of God and a prayer that we survive this earth;angels who drink coffee and drive on freeways, you are here, with much to do.
I wonder if the fallen angels woke and said “Oh F*** it.. I don’t feel like taking what my father gave me and move it through the world”
I think the fallen angels must have complained a lot. Whining that their lives were the way they were, blaming God for their troubles. Lucifer must have hated the mornings.
We lose our way, we get in trouble, but with the light of the day we have a choice to look at our situation one way or another. Its really how we meet the day before our feet greet the floor.