Friday, November 6, 2009

"Soul Survivor" Be prepared to be amazed!

Reincarnation , a subject that you may or not be interested in, however when I found the story of a young boy whose night terrors turn out to be memories from a previous life and the loving parents launch an investigative probe into finding the truth, ….my world was rocked.

When hearing of the precious 4 year old child who knew the intricacies of fighter planes, I was drawn into the richness of this unbelievable tale. However, when the opportunity to interview his parents for Unknown country’s Dreamland fell in my lap I was more than moved.

In My opinion this is the most dramatic example of a modern day reincarnation story that could challenge your belief system but also put you in touch with the most loving families and have your heart leap for joy at the culmination of their book “Soul Survivor”.

Whitley Strieber’s interview on Dreamland and my subscriber interview can be heard for the next month on

The web site for Soul Survivor is

Enjoy and be prepared to be amazed!!!