Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Coming Out

There is a time when one can no longer be silent.

When the truth is much more interesting than fabrication. When the alignment of ones heart meets what is written, said, and known. When the act of "doing" is replaced with "being", and for some of us, it happens in the 5oth year of our lives.

I had to come to terms with the fact that I talk to dead people, and they answer back. Also I had to face the fact that I am given information, that is not for me , but for others. Information that some would call prophecy, but I could never hide behind a religion and use the bible to find way to color what I hear. So lets call it information; something of an intuitive nature.

From whence this comes? I process this question every day. I feel it is from the benevolent energy that is connected to all of us. God, Universe, Holy Spirit, Hierarchy, the place that tells us the truth.

There is a place deep inside us that connects to it.

Lets go find it.