Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Resonance of Knowing

When you meet me, you might wonder if you will be found out. Well yes,..... if I choose to look.

I don’t waste my time going where I am not invited. I try to have a life with out you in it, so let’s keep this about the work.
You have been to someone like me, or you would not be reading this. You think of me when a problem arises that burns with time and uncertainly that makes you want to hear truth, or help which is it for you? To me it is the same.

So you seek me out. I am not for first timers, I work best with smart, gifted people who are never afraid when they are with me, only what others might think later.

Perhaps in the morphic field of knowing is where I picked up these abilities. For certain I had to intuit what the next assault would be by hand or mouth; that day in day out lesson of protecting myself with “the knowing.”

You are anxious that someone at work will know you have seen me, and you a lawyer, a bureaucrat, a politician, studio head, doctor, therapist, behavioral scientist, law enforcement officer, Yale graduate, scholar , soccer mom, you want to know, but wont admit you have called me. You will talk about me to the closest of friends, slip them my card, or call me something that fits your story.

I can remember your dead relatives, not because I knew them in life, but because when you came to see me ten years ago, they showed themselves to me, their longings, sadness, their joy for getting the opportunity to talk again to you. They are my friends, and I remember them when you walk in a room.

Together we have a resonance of knowing.

At parties you smile when you see me, but you can’t stay to talk, you leave when someone inquires what I do. I can feel you in my radar, I welcome you. I will think of you , and you will call.. never really apart, together forever in the resonance of knowing.

It is lonely doing what I do. Those who need me, want me, and those who do not want to know, stay far away.