Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our Extended Family

I had no agenda when I flew to Nashville for my first Unknown country’s Dreamland Festival.
I just wanted to show up and share.
I have been a part of this family as one of the web radio "hosts" for two years now, and I was excited to see what meeting some of my extended family might be like.

Gatherings of like minded people fascinate me. There is a morphic field created and I believe that when two or more are “gathered in my name”, ( as Jesus would say) things are bout to happen.
This weekend felt like the "name" was an immersion into another consciousness.

From the stargate Christian ideas that William Henry shared, the stunning and I mean stunning presentation Linda Moulton Howe's address on crop circles, Jim Mar’s deep reservoir of mind bending knowledge to the ever present space of love and compassion that Anne and Whitley Strieber create for those whose earth experience is…. out of this world, it was a remarkable event.
The many years of experiences that have led Whitley and Anne to pull together such a team is ….well, for the sake of others.
The “Others” are a group of interested people, interested in layers of life that have unique and deep and powerful meaning to them all.
We all braved the oppressive heat of Nashville’s 90 plus temperatures to bath in the cool and edgy conversations of the visitors, their messages and what they have to do with all of us
Yes, Whitley continues to be the consummate novelist that makes him popular, but it is his exigent and extraordinary experience that “Communion” was based on that is the familial history of why most attended, and why I too, am part of this group.

It is a family; a quirky, gifted, unique group, who I had the pleasure of being with.
Here is a family photo.


Jim Boyle said...

She describes it well. But I was there and I noticed that she did leave out one tiny little detail...she also was a presenter there, and connected many with Spirit and the Sacred Unknown in an amazing and warm way.

murphycolorado said...

Yes indeed Marla, you did great . . . especially with the "C" name . . . Got chills on that one.

Ben said...

I am proud to call myself part of the population of the 'Island Of Misfit Toys'! It was a big step for me personally and a reassuring comfort to journey off to Nashville and be with this courageous group of fascinating individuals.

Love and Light to each of you,
Ben Buisson