Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ya Worried?

I was raised in south central Pennsylvania in a beautiful isolated town that takes two and a half hours to get to the nearest international airport, one hour to the nearest city and I didn’t see a McDonald’s until I was 16.

It’s a Norman Rockwell dream nestled in the Allegheny Mountains, where front page news is limited to petty theft, 4H winners, or an occasional drunk driver charged with running over a mail box. It is a town that is 98% white.

There are 150 different congregations of churches, one movie theatre, and the average income is 40k. The main businesses are agricultural, machinery, construction and health care.
It is a preserved slice of Americana, I loved growing up in my home town.
Those who are still there from my 60s-70s rein still remember me as the singing twirling, personable gal. Perhaps no one really knew me.
However some of the towns-folk are now “worried” about me. It does not matter that I threw myself at the foot of the cross as youth based born again Christian, or that I have used my God given abilities of intuition to help people and work for law enforcement, nope, some of my home townies are strict with their belief in God's word. So the rules of Deuteronomy and Leviticus prove Gods eternal damnation for talking to the dead or using psychic abilities,..... hence the worry.
Could it be that in some Christian sects feel that all the blessed angels, profound dreams, great visions, inspiration, proven prophecy, help from the holy spirit (not to mention talking to Christ who promised ever lasting life), that are the fundamental foundations of the Bible just stopped after the bible was written?
Someone better inform the preachers who, sell books, do TV shows and collect donations every week that their tenure was over a long time ago.

Best we all re -acquaint ourselves with OLD testaments of Deuteronomy and Leviticus for good advice if we want to make sure our souls are not dammed.
Cause according to Deut and Levit, everyone who curses his mother of father will be put to death, the slaves at that come from the nations around us, we can buy; what a novel new business in this failing economy, slavery.
Farmers who plant two different kinds of crops are against God, Sleeping beside your husband when you are having your period will get you thrown out of town, you're dammed if you cut off your sideburns and beard, you will fry for eating a BLT sandwich, if you wear cotton panties with a nylon skirt you'll be dancing with the devil and you cant mix meat with dairy, right? So that ham and cheese sandwich might just lock up a soul forever....who knew ordering surf and turf is a sin?

The scales of Gods HISTORICAL justice seem to make talking to the dead not so bad when weighed against all that.
Who should be worried? The patrons of the Red Lobster about 30 miles outside of my home town.


Anonymous said...

A good reminder that we all fear something, some judgement, from someone else. I can see why some with "powers" chose to live in a cave: no need to be dis-believed or thrown rocks at or need to explain. Jut put melt arm into the rock, meld your body into another and dance with the angels :)

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Naj said...

I live in Centre County, Pennsylvania. You have me curious. I should know you better! Anyhow it is funny how Christians can interpret the world around them and pass judgement on others. If the church says you don't fit and what you are doing is an abomination then that's what they believe - no questions asked. I grew up Eastern Othodox (OCA) and the religion is beautiful and creates an experience just by attendindg a service to make that mind shift to higher consciousness. However, I don't believe in everything the church teaches and am no longer a member for the past 20 + years. I do love the liturgical music though. Interestingly, the church has a service every Saturday morning at 10 am to honor the dead.

Anonymous said...

It's funny. When I was little and being taught all the Mormon stuff... (rolls eyes) I wondered why all these magical things don't happen anymore.

Of course now I know better. It seems all religion is used for is to judge others.

Anonymous said...

in earths arena, in or out of (any) church theres going to be the judging of others, its simply the abnormally natural way of us, and thinking about it, it is just so easy, it is easier to get someting off of, away from, us and on to the other. A student was telling me yesterday of a Shirley Jackson (I think thats the author) story, The Lottery...sure, its more pronounced when a 'group' like a church or institution does the labeling, we feel its impact in a deep way, then it can be just another, giving a constrained perception of anothers more conscious choice.