Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pointing Fingers

It feels like we have been alerted to more than our fair share of events where individuals will not take personal responsibility for their actions.

The sports figures who we immortalize until their drug tests are positive, the presidential candidate who cheated on his terminally ill wife, religious righters who fornicate behind the pulpit, the beauty pageant contestants who forget they have disrobed for the camera, financial wizards we trust with our disappearing money,and our government officials are all having to deal with their truth being exposed. Our behind the scenes personal lives that are far less public are no different.…. something is happening, more and more is being revealed. Perhaps it is the speed of the Internet, however I think it is something else.

Obama has been preaching change so much that perhaps that word/message is really resonating and having a huge effect. Could it be that Obama has set up Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic field , demanding change, coupled with us aligning with it?

Look out cause change is here.

If we all take Gandhi’s statement seriously, You be the change you want to see in the world, oddly enough we are quick to point at others first, telling them to change before we do.

It is hard to take a look at oneself when pointing a finger at another. What is this powerless human gun with no real bullet? We are so quick with the snap of our feeble wand to transform others.

If you look at your hand when pointing, you will see that three fingers are pointing right back at you.

While I do my best to take responsibility for the choices in my life, if find even my dreams are fraught with trying to get others to accept responsibility.

I woke this morning, laughing at my inability to “change” a dream.

I went back into the dream and tried to amend the outcome because I didn’t like the first one. I tried three different ways to communicate with this person, and I was disappointed in the result every time. Because in truth, I could not make her accept responsibility, I could not make her change, if all people in our dreams are aspects of ourselves, I was the only one who could change.

It was like trying to teach a child the ramifications of what happens if they light a match. I realized before I got out of bed , the child will learn that fire is dangerous when they get burned, but not until then. There are always consequences to events, and we all experience the ramifications at some point.

There is a re-alignment to right resonance that is happening.

It is my prediction that we will all be faced with our egos issues of entitlement, breaking rules, contracts, and promises, with devastating results. We don’t have to point the finger, the trigger by our actions, has already been pulled.

It is the resistance to the necessary re-alignment that will cause pain and hardship. No need to point fingers, but adapt to the change that is here.


my budgies said...

a great pic and a great piece.
i think everyone hopes Obama will endorse change. Change of some sort is inevitable under the maxim "change or bust" so i am optimistic. change occurs as we exercise choices. Change of a visible kind is heralded as Pluto now settles in the sign of Capricorn for quite a few years. changes in business, governing and struturs are examples of this. we can see it has begun so.

Linda Pendleton said...

Change is in motion. I have been optimistic these last few months, despite the economic conditions. I believe Obama did stand for the change that was desired, and what all was building toward, and about to erupt. I think it is about self-responsibility and our own perceptions, actions and reactions, and the impact our thoughts have on the universe.

It is an exciting time to be alive.