Monday, May 11, 2009

Jewels of Spirit

Years ago when I first came to Los Angeles to train in life coaching and work as an actress, I met a woman named Minda Burr. It was her honest expression of life, its challenges and her passion, having been an actress her herself, that pulled me to her mission. She wanted to share her voice with the world and I admired that, fought some jealously of her, but had the deepest respect for her. She had asked for support in getting her first play as an author off the ground, so I walked up to her and said “Minda, I would like to support your project, what can I do for you?”…thinking that she might ask me to raise money for production, or sell tickets, she surprised me by offering me a role in the show.

“Misconduct Allowed” was mounted at the impressive Sunset Boulevard Tiffany Theater and between the efforts of all , it was very successful . Minda’s connections and friends brought in a host of supporters including an up and coming Spiritual teacher, Marianne Williamson, who had just come on the scene teaching and sharing her message of Gods love through the teachings of the book A Course in Miracles. Within just a few years Marianne has become a stunning NY Time’s best selling author and spiritual mentor for millions. It was always a joy for me to hear her speak either at the large international gatherings for the Peace alliance, or at the cozy meetings in Norman and Lyn Lear’s living room. She offered all of us the messages from God though her, the vessel of the divine feminine.

I lost touch with these women for a few years, but the challenges of life, death of parents, and the pain of growing up brought Minda and I back together. She has been a terrific supporter of my work as a psychic medium and sent me the most amazing women to share Spirits messages. Powerful voices all their own, these women move though life with the greatest of integrity and passion for creating their lives with love, joy honor and fun.

Minda now lives as an inspirational speaker and soon to be successful author, her gift of gathering great gals brought us all together to support Marianne’s launch of prayer filled jewelry.
Though I was still fragile from my process of divorce, I felt the strength of women from all parts of the Los Angeles area. Women who had been inspired by Marianne teachings and who live their lives with sharing Marianne's messages in their multi faceted lives.

Marianne’s warmth and graciousness hugged us all. It was only a few minutes of reconnection, but it didn’t matter, we were connected thorough the eternal grace of Spirit

It was in these new and familiar faces that sparkled with their joy, pearls of wisdom and colorful faceted beauty on Saturday afternoon, who are real jewels of Spirit.

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my budgies said...

a stunning picture - i make jewellery too and each piece has something of the maker and the receiver in it.
i luv these sorts of photos BTW.