Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Whats In There?

When I wrote “”food in the Ice Box” on March 10, 2009, I had to reach out to others. They nourished and fed my heart and soul, not to mention my gut.
Now I am forced to see what’s in my own fridge.

Funny, I never noticed the light that emanates from within my Kennmore side by side .... until now.

Peering into my life to see what I can “cookup" or swallow....

Well it’s pretty empty.

That could be a great thing.

The 15 pounds I have lost will be terrific, if at 50, will I have the nerve to wear a bikini this summer?
The fact it is empty, means I am saving a s*** load of money because I am no longer buying for two.
My co –dependant nature of caring-like-a good-wife is an archetype that is on vacation, maybe never to return, except for the reminders of half full cans of nummies for my cat.
The most significant thing about it being empty, is that I can fill with what ever I like, the greatest of nutrition. The best,the most delicious or bland, exotic or take out, ….its up to me.
Different for every day, for as long as I have this fridge, which may not be too long,…
there are plenty more Ice boxes for me to peer into.

What ever in in there will be fresh, healthy, interesting, and probably crunchy.

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