Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Pattern of Legacy

Do you think the dog wants to wear the tutu?
I see how emotional, familial patterns are put on us. It is as though we are just paper dolls waiting for the next set of clothes to be dressed up in.
A legacy waiting to live.
As a psychic medium I have witnessed some interesting things of how the dead can affect the living.
Some want to leave behind their greatest strengths, and they will pass through one of their living family members to actually leave behind a great gift. Some can energetically support a family member, by infusing them with wonderful attributes.

There is an amazing moment in the movie Poltergeist, where the Mom, played by JoBeth Williams feels her daughters spirit move through her, and she can smell her essence in her sweater?Though the child for the sake of the movie premise did not die, she was in a form that the mother could not identify. For me it was one of the most moving moments of mother daughter connecting depicted on film.
Then there are others who die that have a strong sense of pathology in their vibrational field and they look for the weakest, the most desperate of family members to imbue their legacy.

The child who has the most need is looking for an energetic familiar support system and if they have not built enough of their own strength of character in themselves, they will adopt something familiar.

Since the dead are with us, and often times not happy being dead,

Their legacies’s can drift around for a few years until the deceased can effect one of their family members, insuring that their pathology lives on. Strange isn't it?
However, we do have a choice...
You can agree to take the good and let the rest go, but unless there is that strength of character, one will be looking to take on the legacy of another because they do not know who they are.
Like paper dolls waiting to be dressed.

The courage it takes to become real, and no longer a two dimensional character sometimes takes a life time.
Putting on your own clothes is freedom.

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Dale said...

I so look forward to your book and some specific examples!