Sunday, November 6, 2011


 I recently poked my head into a College reunion. It was held at an esteemed University that all people choose to go to at some point in their lives.

I'm sure that every political candidate, (ok, with the exception of maybe one) have gone to this school, gotten their Masters and maybe even a Doctorate or two. This is not a place of discrimination. This is where you can find smart, well educated, attractive, or not so educated, poor and not so attractive. Some of the most famous people in the world have spent years there, but they don’t list it on their resume.  

 Its the kind of place you can attend any time for a refresher course but its not really helpful if you go back.

I came from a family that donated their life and energy to this University. Some of the classes were honorary for  me, I didn't even have to attend. I just got  the credit because of my family's history. 

No tuition is really free. Some classes we have taken, we conveniently have forgotten; then the bill comes, with interest. I am sure that we have all learned a great deal when going to these classes, but can occasionally be remiss in remembering.

It’s the kind of place that some people take such pride in, until they have to admit they have attended.

This well appointed, human resourced destination of education really becomes embarrassing if someone asks what the letters MSU mean.

So I encourage you to do what I have just done, count up the credits that you forgot you had, or even remember how much time you have spent or are spending at the esteemed institution of :

Making Shit Up University, where all skills  are devoted on a daily weekly or life time basis in being inauthentic in all forms of  relationships, telling fabrications to re-write history in how we want to be perceived, or how we want others to perceive us. The criteria, being unable to be with the truth.

May we all choose more wisely when education presents its self and remember,
the truth shall set you my case Frees.


    John LeFrancois said...

    A fun post, Marla! I enjoy your creativity.

    For myself, I guess my B.S. Degree from said institution says it all. I have graduated, yet continue as a practitioner, The stuff I make up I really hope is good shit. I do my best to be a credit to my alma mater.

    Yet though I make it up, it still comes from my heart. That was my only failure in the MSU curriculum!

    (So what do you think? I just made this shit up. Pretty good, eh?)

    Goin' for my Masters!

    Robyn said...


    Susan B Lucky said...

    So fun to have heard this first hand, IN a Parking lot (filled with pottery, lol) and I posted it on my facebook page. It is now being used freely in my circle of friends! It was amazing meeting you; the way I met you and the little moment we shared will be rememnbered. Thank You for Passing thru my realm.
    Maybe we can do coffee next time! You are amazing!

    Laurence said...

    I wish I could respond to this, Marla, but there is a hurt that can not be touched, forgiven yes...

    Healed, well that would never be MSU.

    james said...

    At first I was thinking..she must mean Penn State...or MSU is Mississippi...or Yale or Havard or something..SHK or school of hard knocks...Then I saw Make shit up!
    Great golly my de-gree is in S&J&L&L 101. That's shucking & jiving, laughing & lying.

    Marla Frees said...

    FABULOUS James!!!

    Admitting that gets you kudos from STU...Standing in Truth U.