Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gifts for My Soul

The best gifts are the ones that my soul needs, but I don’t think to ask for.

These are the ones that teach me the most about life and beauty.

They surprise me.

I have a visitor that comes with 5 friends.

 He sings to let them know there are fat sunflower seeds hung in the bamboo.

He sings because he can,

because he must


 because he loves to.

It is his gift of song that makes my day.


Laurence said...


I go out and feed my birdies and make sure there is lots of water and great hiding places for them. Lots of hawks around.

They seem to be a aspect of myself, maybe they are a reminder of non ordinary reality that is going on all around us. Or messengers.

now to get some flowers to attract hummers...

Be well


Marla Frees said...

How wonderful Laurence. I have some hummers, hummm sounds like another blog!

Thank you for checking in!

Laurence said...

To mom long gone,

though I never got to ask you the questions that are coming up now. I hope you are enjoying your spirit life and are watchng over those you could not in this life.
Happy Mother's day.


Jim Boyle said...

Very lovely Marla

Laurence said...


I sometimes pretend I am talking to you face to face when these events happen. However, when it comes to writing them down or posting, the emotion or feelings do not come out. Oh well. Here are two events that I feel are related .

Last Sunday, after 8 pm, went outside to watch the last rays of the day . I was greeted by a dozen or more swallows. They flew around me, am mean flew around me! The swallows here come out and fly the irrigation ditches then disappear as you get close to them. But this evening the flew around me, I was thrilled, exhalted, to have them just appear as I went outside and then after several minutes disappear. As if they were never there. they were silent swooping around me, all sorts of them. It brought back memories of my upbringing back east. What joy... They are messengers in my world. A power animal in the shamanic world.

Next, I gave a pesentation to ASMP-NM yesterday in Santa Fe. It was a way to give back to ASMP for helping me. When I was done and left the parking lot, a feeling that a cycle had completed. A soft closing of a gate. Or as if I stepped out a barren lendscape went in through a gate into a meadow / field of waving grasses and life renewed. It is hard to put into words with the exception of this. There was no bang of a door or a wimper of loss, just a feeling that a cycle was completed.

Anyhow this is how I talk to you, somewhat as I go about my day to day...

Be well

p.s. The hummer I named Ray Charles is still here defending his territory against all...