Thursday, November 12, 2009

God's Powerful Process

I’ve always loved storms. To feel safe in the middle of one is about knowing what protects you.

The power of these tubular squalls can be devastating as they rip homes and lives apart, destroying everything in its path.

I once read that a tornado is considered "a process". I believe that Spirit has revealed tornado as a new symbol for me, of a vortex of energy that I have danced with all year and now follows my call when a clearing is necessary.

I have been inside this vortex for 9 months. Now it is time for perhaps the calm and the rebirth of new and fertile ground.

Those who have fanned this wind of mine are not safe from the path destruction. Dented and scraped, I’m sure they pray the worst is over. The fact is, they will never know when the elements of God will produce this …”process” again.

A friend from far away, who is traveling to see me, recently sat with the sorcerers of Jacumba Ca, and drew from their deck of power cards, a tornado, predicting that he would meet his worthy adversary soon.
I soaked in the naked spa of the Korean baths today ready to be scrubbed when I struck up a conversation with a beautiful woman.
We briefly shared our lives, and when I laid out my most recent past, she said “ My God, it’s a tornado" I laughed,... again, a confirmation reiterated from the universe.

The scrubby pads whirled and whirled around my tired epidermis, I emerged glowing, just as a new babe should.
The mighty wind of Spirit clears a path , removing what is necessary for the shamanic cleansing.

I know I am protected, but I also am in awe of the power of God.


Marla Frees said...

It was suggested to me that the analogy of my blog and skleton Tarot de Marseille card of death,swirlling round and round with his scythe as he morphed into the 22 card of The World( the card that could represent Mary Magdalene and the 3 Gospels) In her hand she holds a wand - the same wand Jesus is shown with in many earlier works of religious art. It is the wand of healing and transformation, a twister is the perfect description for the twirling action of the death card that transformed into the world card. So this may represent a transformaion from the earthly death and separation from Spirit to the awakening of the Christ Consciousness where we are able to perform the same miracles....

this info was sent to me by Jim Boyle

Anonymous said...

Marla your sharing is so beautifull.Blessed Spirit that you are like us all.Your words are of godlike depth.I have passed on your story to all in my life I feel will rise in spiritual stature with your story.You help our remembrance of our True Being.