Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Peek at Her Path

I am always moved by how Spirit works. How the universal consciousness and divine birthright of intuition becomes present for others.

I agreed a long time ago to go through an initiative path of transformation, and I was compelled to share it with others. I am no better or more conscious because of my path, however my experience has given me enough confirmation that I feel comfortable aiding and guiding others when needed.

My journey has been assisted by many. Some of my teachers have various academic doctorates, their structure essential to providing scaffolding for me to rebuild myself. Others like me chose the education of life experience and self exploration. There are some who I have met as clients who end up surpassing their own expectations of themselves that inspire me the most.

Stacey, has made choices that show she has invested in love. Love has become her path to understand herself and others. She is at this point, a single mother trying to make sense of raising a son, working in Hollywood, crafting her voice in various forms and expressing who she is in the challenging world of facing authenticity in a sea of illusion. She is the smokeless conscious west coast version of Carrie Bradshaw.

Her gutsy, sensitive dive into her truth is more inspirational than any TV late time drama and sometimes, to her detriment, more tabloid than episodes of the bachelorette, but her journey is the path of many and I encourage you to read her musings and follow her process.

I did not choose motherhood this time around. My “family“is all of you ...and then some. So I am busy with my ever changing relatives. But I look to Stacey as a gauge of a woman of courage and heart who isn’t afraid to live, love and have loss in her life.

She has just refered to me as momma Mia in her blog.
I treasure any reference to having perhaps mirrored to her a healthy aspect of a nurturing woman and I am honored to be a part of her process. How exciting to read about her growth, knowing she is never alone but supported by seen and unseen forces.
I celebrate her voice as a friend and inspiration as she allows us all to take a peek of her path to transformation.


staceyjwarner said...

Thank you...I love you.

Mike Clelland! said...

Just yesterday I just found myself crossing paths with Stacey. I found a comment she made on a web-site, and I ended up sending her an email. We had a flurry of emails.

What transpired was delightful to the point of magic. More than I could write here.

I feel deeply honored to have met her, even if only thru the computer on my desk.

Thank you Stacey.

Thank you Marla.

Ribbon said...

Hi I've just landed here via Stacey and it's lovely to see that love is the same colour all around the world :)

best wishes