Friday, March 12, 2010

My Date With Buddy

I never know what each day with bring. I can try to schedule, but jobs, flus and various life happenings just change things daily. The one thing I can count on is if I listen, the direction of Spirit will assure my day to be special.

Yesterday I was stopped at a light and noticed an old friend in the car next to me. His grey temples peeking out from under his TV studio cap. I'd not seen him in years, and he motioned for me to pull over and chat.

We reunioned in the parking lot of Bed Bath and Beyond. Jeff was a casting director. We'd met some 20 years ago as Judges, of all things, on some high falootin talent show, we always liked and respected each other in pursuit of our entertainment business adventures. He asked me why he'd not seen me in years, thought of me for various acting jobs, and then I'd never appear. I told him I just left to do something more fulfilling. We leaned against cars and talked of our lives.

I was oddly comfortable, just having gotten over the flu, I know my face was still showing signs of tissue abuse and NyQuil, but I didn't care it was just nice to see him.

He told me about his life and as his mouth was still moving I became immediately aware of a faint golden shadow that came around the side of the car and sat right beside Jeff. Had he been IN the car, and just decided to appear?

Then I heard, "Buddy... Buddy" Like a memory of Jeff''s voice calling this beautiful dog whose spirit had joined us, in the parking lot of Bed Bath and Beyond.

Jeff looked as me and said "Why are you smiling?." I then explained what I had been doing for the last 15 years working as a psychic/medium and I said " you have a tan colored dog sitting right beside you." Tears came fast as he reached into his car an pulled out a picture of the dog I had just seen.

Buddy, who had died was Jeff's best friend.

We then had quite a chat. Jeff was thrilled, I told him that though Buddy was still with him and didn't mind the new dog Jeff had rescued ...he didn't' like the new black square thing that Jeff had just purchased. Jeff''s eyes got wide as he said " WHAT!? he doesn't like my new black leather sofa?!"

We laughed.
Jeff said I had made his day.

This unscheduled date with Buddy made mine.


Mike Clelland! said...

I love stories like this - and I find that I actually NEED them to move forward in life. Huge thanks!

Mike C!

Jim Boyle said...

A really nice story to share Marla! Glad you are getting over that flu.

Dani said...

Wonderful story! I can't imagine how much it must have meant to him to hear that, let alone to you to give it. Excellent!

thisbe said...

What else is there to do but smile and be uplifted by such an event- thanks for sharing it!

thisbe said...

This leaves me with a whole body smile- thank you :)

微笑每一天 said...

thank for share, it is very important . ̄︿ ̄

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