Sunday, August 30, 2009

Symbols of Spirit

On the foggy morning of August 31, 2002 I took a walk in front of this Santa Monica pier and contemplated the marriage vows I would make later that day.
I knew that what I was doing was the right thing. We chose to honor our love in a sacred ceremony in front of family, friends and the Spiritual Hierarchy. I prayed that we might have a decent sunset to support the beauty of our union.
As you can see we got what I prayed for, and then some.

It was a year later after the very distressing death of my husband’s mother, the loss of a dear friendship and a creative blunder forcing us to endure a stressful lawsuit, that I finally..... looked at our wedding photos.

I was overwhelmed by the magnificence and beauty of that sunset, a symbol of all that led up to that moment. A month before the wedding, we sat in a small ashram where I prayed that God might find a way to show me that our marriage was blessed. So I silently prayed that God would drop a flower out of the ceiling in to my hand to let me know that “He” was on board with this decision.

I was surprised that such a thought had entered my head." How strange" I thought to ask for a flower to appear, let alone the grandiose idea, that a flower might be manifested and dropped into my hand as a symbol of support. I shook my head at the silliness of such a notion, just then a lovely woman who sat beside me turned to me, placed a flower in my hand and said,... "You are blessed”…I swooned with this confirmation.

This sunset I took as another of God’s symbols . The breathtaking set design for us to “act out” our lives, but perhaps a foreshadowing of the allegory that would frame the backdrop of our marriage.

In front of God, we were shadowed, locked in an embrace, with a roller coaster, Ferris wheel and set of monkey bars behind us.

I remember we laughed at the roller coaster and on our first anniversary, decided that perhaps getting on that Santa Monica Pier roller coaster might be a fun way to celebrate surviving that first year. I now feel it solidified it as a symbol of our marriage.
Symbols when infused with intent can have power. The notion of taking a constant ride, or the ever ending ups and downs of a roller coaster, might make us want to swing to another playground, and things did roll out, the way it was designed.
Time will heal most anything. I prefer to remember the color, depth and great blessings that accompanied that day and the years that followed even if we now stroll off into our separate sunsets.Better than Scarlet O'Hara in "Gone with the Wind," but similar in her tenaciousness....
I relish the blessings that are Symbols of Spirit.

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Ben said...

I found this post particularly touching. The poignant symbolism you drew out of this photograph and expressed into a symphonny words, created an entirely new depth of what was at first glance, merely a pleasing picture of two people and a sunset. Your gift of expressing your thoughts and emotions into words is hearbreakingly apparent in this post, and yet you are always able to make light of the bitter pills that life sometimes requires us to digest and then endure the effects of. I am infinitely grateful for the courage you have displayed in making your wacky psychic life available to the masses. It is an honor and a pleasure to have been blessed enough to have crossed your path.

~Love And Light~Dear...Dear Marla