Monday, August 10, 2009

The Notes

It is my form of meditation. I sit in a quiet space with a pad of yellow legal paper, a good flowing pen and I talk to God.

It started in 2001 when I had a very odd accident with my dog, who inadvertently sliced the end of my nose off with his teeth…never feeling it, or seeing how it actually happened, it was in that trauma that something broke open; my willingness to hear from God.

I began to take down the messages and information about all sorts of things. Within months, I received information about the splitting of democracy, the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, and the fall of the eagle . That it would not be the shock of evil that we would remember but the way we as a nation dealt with things afterward. Then 911 happened.

I got information about how L dopamine would assist Parkinson’s patients, and then a few months later a Nobel Prize was given to such research.

I found the notes exciting and terrifying at that same time. I read them to the people who were the closest in my life at the time, I gave them to people who I felt the notes were for.
I was training myself to listen. I am sure that not all dates or things I had dictated to me were not all on point, but it was enough to keep me questioning our connection to God/Spirit and the fact that in these messages could be miracles.

My husband at the time and I went through a painful law suit against a major Hollywood icon and the notes were often contrary to how we wanted things to work out. That is important, in the process of taking dictation, that what we want , may not be in our best interest. So messages that are contrary to the way we live our lives may be important to listen to.

We were waiting for money. The notes predicted a the date of December 17 when it would come, however so much anxiety had transpired that by the time the check did come on December 17, we had lost ….faith?

The notes were there and so was the source to trust it. We were just too caught up in our painful lives to be grateful, it is hard to have faith in troubled times.

But it is in the notes that I get before I work with someone where there is amazing that happens, the gift of information that is so right-on about someone I have never met , know nothing about, that is revealed on a yellow pad. God/Spirit can assist us in our lives and help us is available to all of us, if we take the time to listen.

My notes end up in all sorts of strange places. The point is that they are for someone to read, I have to trust that they will get into the hands of the people they are for.


Jim Boyle said...

God, being dog spelled backwards is no joke in your case, it seems.

Yes it is hard to have faith in troubled times. I always assumed it would be easier to have faith if one knows they are getting messages directly from God/Spirit.

At least I prayed with that assumption.

At least you are here Now with us - thanks.

Marla Frees said...

You make a good point Jim.

It is hard to assume faith and trust for oneself. It is "knowing" for others that confirms my faith and trust, however it is the challenge to trust for oneself the information.
This is the work,this is the goal, and as you have mentioned before about my work,"You might not get what you want , but you will get what you need" ...THAT my friend is a hard lesson to learn in listening to Spirit.