Saturday, March 28, 2009

In the Metamorphosis

"Sometimes you have to feel everything Marla."

We want the very best for you” “Maybe this was not the best,…..right...”

“Trust us.”

The first words I could hear when I could hear past my own crys, the first words of clarity that Spirit revealed.

I am in a relationship with loss now.
How I will be with this loss will determine my life. I see now that I was slowly loosing things and yet I turned my head and shifted focus to avoid the loss.

Every day a little death.... It is here now and sits on my bed waiting for me to wake.

I see that my own awareness skirted to places that dimmed me, distracted my light , and I too could find ways to numb consciousness. That's what we all try to do, because pain from loss is excruciating.

It is not the pain from a wound. Years of cuts and bruises teach us that things heal, but pain from loss is knowing what you had and then it is gone.

It is bitter kind of death, it is human, it is hard.

Death is the door though which we enter the world of loss.

Death can touch life in many forms. My work is about transcending death, making peace with it, and listening to the love that continues for others. Death happens every day. We abhor it, do everything we can to fend it of, but everyday we are all touched by various forms of death.
How we deal with the loss is how we will live more life.

You must go through the metamorphosis.
You must feel everything Marla..... and that is what I do now.

There is no getting away from the pain.
Death, it is a painful process that is necessary for something different.