Friday, March 21, 2008

The Presence of Pinky

Can you see what I see?

It hides in rooms where fear is the smell of the air, where no one can see it because of the buzzing highway of words, or where a distraction of hands are swatting irritating details of grand old stories bringing the past back to life.

More distraction like food, scuttled around for moving lips with heavy drink tossed down each throat to dim the eyes from seeing IT.

"IT", the F******g big ass pink pachyderm presence who has set up camp in the room.

I have been to homes where no one addressed the grandeur of this "being" taking up so much space in hearts and minds. So big that everyone does anything to avoid it.

Cousins Ruth's weight, the sexual tension between uncle Bob and sister Irene, the money John owes Jim, Diane's cancer, Daves affair, the fart that Fred sounded, daddy's drinking, the seething hate of a jealous woman.

The energy it takes to feed this beast is the energy of holding the space for it to be ignored. That's why it stays around.
Ignoring it feeds it, and it is happy to sit there waiting. Waiting for someone to acknowledge it and set it free.

Are we the animals in our own zoo? Caged by our abhorrent behavior, acting out with falsehoods, numbing pain with denial? Why are we holding our tongues, not setting free the truth? Name what it is and lets send Pinky packing.