Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Mystery of the Veil

My work is confusing sometimes.
Why am I given crucial information for a stranger and not for a dear friend?
I think there is a veil that separates us from spiritual knowledge. How we open it is a mystery to me.

I had a woman come to a small group and from my standards, it was a great evening of information.
Two months later, I received a message on my phone service from a perky voice, reminding me, that she had been to that group. She said, that as she was leaving, I stopped her and said, “I think it is important you have your left breast checked” -- the veil was removed.

The perky phone voice then said, “I saw my Doctor and I am so relieved, because I was in first stage breast cancer. I went through treatment and I am fine, just fine!” …. I sank into the dining room chair, shaking. She was fine and I was dumbfounded, so blown away that her thank yous' landed on my ears like wind chimes. There were tears, but they were mine.

I’m not a medical doctor and I’m very careful about giving any sort of medical information, yet it happens. My perspective is that it’s not me. It's information that was available through the grace of Spirit. This lovely healthy woman said she had come to see me on a “whim”, yet, thankfully, she was receptive to information that was seeming life saving for her.

One of my dearest friends, however, had a cold for over a year. The hometown Doctor treated her with antibiotics and then when that didn’t work, some inhalers. “Oh, you know, even the country air of Pennsylvania can make ya sick.” Said the Doctor. This troubled me, but I was caught up in having to deal with my own life, my own health maladies and clients.

The veil was in place-- all I could say to her was, “I think you need to go see a different doctor”.

She did.
While walking in the middle of Manhattan, I stopped infront of a store window and my phone rang. It was my dear friend Diane. She said, “Marla, I have stage four ovarian cancer”. I was staring at a fancy alabaster mannequin, in a fancy mortgage payment priced blue blouse; it is odd what we remember when we are in crisis.
What the hell are these psychic gifts for if I can’t see something life threatening for a priceless friend? I could tell her what house she was going to sell and for how much, or what sex her soon to be grandchild would be, but not the most crucial of all information.
We had 7 months to ponder all the "whys".
I must trust that there a reason, a lesson, a plan beyond my reasoning or I could not do the work I do.

It is the mystery of the veil. Where everything I thought I knew, I don’t. Where information is revealed for some and not others. Where finding out about an illness can create new awareness and appreciation for how precious life is, and how the journey to death and transformation does just the same.
I am filled with awe and wonder why the veil is in place for some like a karmic shroud, and for others it is lifted.


Bamboo_bends said...

I can relate to that feeling. My insights seem to be separated often by years.

It was amazing though when I could no longer find answers in my religion, and stepped out into the unknown in trust, how the universe cracked wide open for me.

It was almost like, "hey look what's out here."

Now I feel like a babe looking at the night sky in awe. That wonderful sense of awe. Where you feel small and big at once.

Marla Frees said...

Yes and you have the strength of the bamboo to hold you up!